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A LADY trucker shocked people with her petite height and weight.

The 5’2″ and 125 pounds trucker got the same comments over and over from men who see her.

Kodi, a lady trucker, says that people don't believe her when she tells them what she does for work


Kodi, a lady trucker, says that people don’t believe her when she tells them what she does for workCredit: TIkTok/whitegirl.kodi

Kodi (@whitegirl.kodi), a content creator, shared a sneak peek at a day on the job with over 120,000 TikTok followers.

“I’m a 22-year-old truck driver,” she said, sharing selfies of herself.

“I’ve been driving for a year and a half now, I got my CDL at 21,” she revealed.

Despite her impressive accomplishment, the truck driver says that people tend to not believe her when she reveals what she does for a living.

“People don’t believe me because I’m pretty but look young, I’m short and weigh 125, they never see me at truck stops,” she said.

Men even stop her at truck stops frequently in disbelief: “All I hear at truck stops: That’s you driving that 18-wheeler?” she said.

People took to the comments to share their reactions: “Love this for you, I start school in January,” said one aspiring trucker.

“Smart, beautiful, and young = triple threat,” said another.

“Congratulations on your success pretty go girl,” said a third.

“Wow I admire you!” said one inspired viewer.

“Luv how u pretty and have guts, stay safe princess.”

“I’m glad to see there’s more pretty truckers out there I don’t see,” said a fellow trucker.

Men make the same comments to her at truck stops


Men make the same comments to her at truck stopsCredit: TIkTok/whitegirl.kodi

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