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IF YOU want your clothes to look brand new for longer knowing how to wash them properly is vital.

And it turns out just separating everything into a light and dark wash might not be enough.

The laundry experts shared their three best tricks for making your clothes last longer


The laundry experts shared their three best tricks for making your clothes last longerCredit: Getty

Luckily the appliance experts at Repair Aid have told Express.co.uk the three tricks everyone one should know to extend the life of your favourite clothes and keep them cleaner for longer.

Wash delicates separately

We all know we should be washing underwear and bras separately from the rest of our clothes, but a lot of people end up chucking everything in the same load in a bid to save time.

Lacey underwear, silky materials and even the likes of wool and cashmere should be washed with similar garments so they don’t stretch, rip or bobble.

Most washing machines will already have a built-in ‘delicate’ cycle option, but if not set your machine to around 30 degrees on a slow spin.

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“If you don’t do this, don’t be surprised if your other, rougher clothes have a bad effect on your delicates over time,” the pros said.

Wash dirtier clothes on their own

If you’ve got clothing that’s significantly more dirty than the rest of your laundry, consider washing it alone or hand washing it avoid stains from transferring.

Alternatively, you can spot treat stains before washing to avoid this problem,

The pros explained: “Make sure to follow the instructions and then let the soiled clothes soak for up to a day in a sink or a plastic basin.

“When that’s done, stick them into the washing machine on a cycle at a slightly higher temperature.”

Separate colours properly

One of the main mistakes people make when washing their clothes is forgetting to wash dark and light garments separately – remember it only takes one red shock to turn a all your white shirts pink.

The risk of the happening is higher with clothes that haven’t been washed before, since the dark coloured dye might bleed more.

So while it’s worth keeping light and dark colours separate all the time, it’s most important with new items.

Light colours like yellow, light blue, and orange shouldn’t be washed with anything that’s dark blues, red, or purple, for expample.

You can also add a colour catcher sheet to your machine to prevent colours from mixing together as they’re washed.

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