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A SELF-proclaimed member of the “itty bitty committee” is getting a lot of attention online for embracing her figure.

Her video showing off her chest has over 200,000 likes and hundreds of comments from those that can relate.

This TikTok user is all about the 'itty bitty committee'


This TikTok user is all about the ‘itty bitty committee’Credit: TikTok @lushi_fungi
Lusi_fungi used a viral audio clip to showcase her braless look


Lusi_fungi used a viral audio clip to showcase her braless lookCredit: TikTok @lushi_fungi

The influencer, who goes by Lushi Fungi (@lushi_fungi), posted a video of herself looking in the mirror while covering her chest with her hands and arms.

She wrote: “When I go out without a bra.”

She then turned to the front, showing her chest, while mouthing: “I hope you’re hungry… for nothing.”

Lushi Fungi dropped her hands and proudly displaced her “itty bitty” chest in a black tank top.

Many TikTok users rushed to the comments to share their similar experience of being part of the “club.”

One person commented: “Same queen.”

Another added: “I found my safe space.”

Lushi Fungi responded: “The itty bitty committee is here for you.”

Some were envious of her itty bitty problem with one comment reading: “You luckyyyy.”

The clip is the most viewed video on her account with over 3million plays.

Lushi Fungi has over 300,000 likes on her videos and over 500 followers.

Influencers across the platform are showing love for their busts of all sizes.

One social media user shared her tips for dressing with a smaller bust which included a chic bralette.

Another woman shared how having small boobs makes her look younger.

Many influencers are embracing the braless lifestyle including one large-chested mom who shared the magic top that supports her cleavage without a bra.

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