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NATURALLY red hair is a rarity, which is why “gingers” are often subjected to bizarre comments, invasive questions, and handsy strangers.

One woman rocks her vibrant red hair so effortlessly, others are in disbelief when they learn she wasn’t born with it.

Content creator Kylie Dolezal has 'amazing' red hair, but it's not her natural color


Content creator Kylie Dolezal has ‘amazing’ red hair, but it’s not her natural colorCredit: TikTok/kyliedolezal
She recreated the reaction she sees when people find out she's not a natural redhead


She recreated the reaction she sees when people find out she’s not a natural redheadCredit: TikTok/kyliedolezal

Ohio-based Kylie Dolezal (@kyliedolezal), 19, has pale skin and light eyes, traits often associated with natural redheads.

But in a video on TikTok, she let slip that her gorgeous hair color isn’t home-grown, surprising many of her followers.

She reenacted the response other people have upon hearing the revelation.

“When they find out I’m not a natural redhead,” Dolezal wrote in the caption.

She blinked, making her eyes huge, and dropped her jaw wide open in mock disbelief as a dramatic music sting played in the background.

“I really shock people every day,” she confessed.

Dolezal further admitted that she found others’ surprise to be “weird.”

“To me, it doesn’t look very natural,” she said.

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Her followers felt called out, since many of them had no idea Dolezal wasn’t a natural redhead.

One said, “It’s me,” referring to the content creator’s recreation of the dramatic reaction.

Other unnatural gingers weighed in as well. “Girl, me too,” said one viewer, who Dolezal called her “twinsie.”

Some of the responses gently teased Dolezal, like one person who called her a “wannabe.”

“As a redhead, you just don’t have ginger vibes,” said a natural redhead.

Dolezal was confused. “What are ginger vibes?” she asked, befuddled.

“If you got them you would know,” the playful critic wrote back.

There was only one thing everyone in Dolezal’s comments agreed on: the hair color suited her.

“Okay, but you look amazing as a redhead,” a fan insisted.

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