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A GYM girl has been dubbed “top tier” by fans after she used a filter to display added definitions of her muscles online.

The fitness influencer recently revealed her progress on social media to the shock of her followers.

Ripped gym girl Gabby Stellato used a specific filter on TikTok to show viewers more definition on her physique


Ripped gym girl Gabby Stellato used a specific filter on TikTok to show viewers more definition on her physiqueCredit: TikTok /gabbystellatofit

TikToker Gabby Stellato (@gabbystellatofit) posed to the side in her video, wearing a black sports bra and pulling up her shorts to show off her physique in typical bodybuilder fashion.

“This filter,” Gabby wrote in the caption, as she used a transition in the five-second clip to change its filter.

The new lighting the filter offered seemed to show viewers more of the definition of Gabby’s mid-section and legs, along with her overall physique.

Gabby’s clip went viral quickly, garnering 62,000 likes and 313,000 views.

Several people took to the comments on the fitness influencer’s post to praise her for her progress.

Some even dubbed the gym girl’s physique as “top tier.”

“Holy jesus you are top tier woman. you are like alpha female. you are the dream physique,” one person wrote.

“This is the best looking physique I’ve ever seen. I need to look like this,” another commented.

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A third added: “u look genuinely amazing.”

Likely overwhelmed by the slew of positive responses, Gabby also noted that her physique doesn’t always look the same as it did in the video with the filter.

“I promise I don’t look like this all the time,” the TikToker explained.

“Posing makes a world of difference! Be kind to yourselves.”

Either way, this isn’t the only time Gabby used the filter to show progress.

She also recently posted a video using the filter to show definition in her back muscles as she hung from a pull-up bar.

Based on the fitness influencer’s caption, the intention was to show that “big muscles are feminine” to some of her viewers.


Gabby isn’t the only ripped gym girl making waves with her fitness journey.

As The U.S. Sun previously reported, another health and wellness guru has inspired others by posting her physique progression on TikTok.

Abbie (@abbiedennisonfit) shares clips of her workout routines regularly, but the latest post made fans praise the “body goals.”

She showed viewers how she does her free weight squat routine, and several were blown away be her progress.

One person commented: “So, I have 8 weeks to get my bikini body. I can do this!!”

“You’ve had a summer body since last summer!” another exclaimed.

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