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WITH December starting tomorrow, we’re all starting to think about what presents we’re going to get for our loved ones. 

Luckily one savvy mum has shared her bargain buys to give parents some inspiration when it comes to stocking fillers. 

Beth regularly shares money-saving ideas with her 48,000 followers


Beth regularly shares money-saving ideas with her 48,000 followersCredit: tiktok/@budgetingmum
Her budget haul included lots of Paw Patrol bits from B&M and Home Bargains


Her budget haul included lots of Paw Patrol bits from B&M and Home BargainsCredit: tiktok/@budgetingmum
The savvy mum spent just £14.97 filling the stocking with presents and sweet treats


The savvy mum spent just £14.97 filling the stocking with presents and sweet treatsCredit: tiktok/@budgetingmum

Beth, known online as @budgetingmum, regularly shares money-saving ideas with her 48,000 followers. 

In one of her recent videos, the keen bargain hunter shares what she’s putting in her son’s Christmas stocking this year – and it all came to just £14.97. 

“So I’m going to show you what I’ve got for my son who is three-and-a-half for his Christmas stocking on a budget. 

“So let’s start with the things I got from B&M.

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“So he’s really into Paw Patrol, so I got him these figures from the Paw Patrol Movie which were £3.99. 

“I also got him some Paw Patrol chocolate eggs, which have got little toys inside. They were £1.50. 

“Got him a pack of crayons which are £1.50 as well. 


“And a three-pack of little mittens. They were £2 for a pack of three, he really needs these. 

“And some smarties which were 29p. 

“Next I picked him up some bits from Home Bargains, so they’ve got these really cute selection boxes in at the moment. These are 99p, which I thought was really good for Paw Patrol. 

“Also picked him up some coins that come in this really cute little tin. The coins on their own were 99p and this tin is 99p, so I was happy with that. Looks really cute. 

“Also got him a little colouring book, they are 79p. They’ve actually got loads of different ones in Home Bargains, so whatever your child’s into, they’ve got a little book, colouring book, sticker book so that’s worth having a look at. 

“And then finally in Home Bargains I got this fluffy sand and that was £1.49. 

“Then finally, he’s been doing a lot of cutting at pre-school, so I ordered these toddler scissors on Amazon. They were about £4 for the pack and then I’ll be putting some in my daughter’s stocking as well. 

“So all together I’ve spent £14.97 and that is literally everything that I’m going to put in his Christmas Stocking this year.”

 Fans loved the bargain haul, with the video gaining more than 620 likes and 36,000 views. 

In the comments, other parents raved about Beth’s finds, with one writing: “I love this, you seem so kind.” 

Someone else added: “ used to love making up my daughters Xmas stocking. This brings back lovely memories.”

A third said: “All lovely no one needs to spend loads to make kids happy kids don’t know the value of money.”

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Another commented: “Also a lot easier and cheaper the younger the child is.” 

Beth replied: “Absolutely! Don’t need to go overboard when they’re little.”