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OVER the past decade there’s been an increase in common names that are spelt completely different to how you’d expect.

One teacher took to Reddit to share how much she hates these weird spellings, confessing that other teachers make fun of the names.

The teacher confessed to joking about the names with her colleagues


The teacher confessed to joking about the names with her colleaguesCredit: Getty

The teacher explained: “I’m a first year teacher, so maybe this has been happening for a while now and I just don’t know.

“But some names I read and they just annoy me!

“Some of my teacher friends hate it too and we will just randomly send each other names we think are ridiculous.”

She shared some of the worst ones she’s heard, which included: “Mahkynzee, Rjnay, (pronounced ‘Renee’) Keileigh, Brooklynne and Rain (pronounced ‘Ryan’)”

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The teacher quipped: “Parents! What are you doing?!?”

Fellow Reddit users couldn’t believe how weird some of the names were spelt.


One said: “Rain is already a word! That’s not how any of this works. Poor Rjnay and Rain.”

A second said: “A friend has a Zoeigh in her class.”

Another teacher agreed that the spellings had gone too far, “I feel this, I’m a preschool teacher and all the x’s and double e’s added to names.

“Then throw in a off the wall name spelled one way but said another.

“I literally just shake my head and hope they have a “normal” middle name they can use professionally at their job.”

Someone else shared: “Last year my husband taught a ‘Soursdey’ – pronounced ‘Susie’.

“Our favourite part of the new year is always going through our class lists and picking out the ridiculous names.”

The teachers said they hated the weird spellings


The teachers said they hated the weird spellingsCredit: Getty