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WITH the never-ending barrage of skincare advice, it can feel nearly impossible to land on a routine that works.

One wellness expert shared her unique hack that shaves off the years, only using a handful of at-home ingredients.

Vicky Derosa shared her skincare advice on TikTok


Vicky Derosa shared her skincare advice on TikTokCredit: Instagram/vickyvwell
Her at-home mask uses easy-to-find, affordable ingredients


Her at-home mask uses easy-to-find, affordable ingredientsCredit: TikTok/vicky.derosa

Health and wellness content creator Vicky Derosa (@vicky.derosa) shares her best skincare and lifestyle advice on TikTok.

She focuses on natural ingredients, inspired by her own battle with genetic diseases.

Her viral TikTok unpacked the best skincare hack to get rid of stubborn sun spots.

“The billion dollar anti-aging industry does NOT want you to know this one secret,” she shared.

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“We spend millions of dollars trying to get rid of our sun spots,” she said. “You’ve got all the ingredients you need right in your kitchen.”


Her secret to glowing skin only requires four, easy-to-find ingredients.

“One tablespoon of baking soda, half a teaspoon of turmeric, half a lemon, and a little bit of oil,” she shared, mixing all ingredients in a small bowl.

“You make this into a paste … and apply it to your face,” she said as she rubbed the face mask into her skin.

“I keep this in a Mason jar — it’s a fabulous mask,” she shared.

“You can use this every morning … put it on as a mask, let it dry, and in the shower, you get rid of it with warm water,” she concluded.

TikTok users rushed to the comments to chime in with their own advice.

One user added: “You need black pepper to activate the turmeric and it’ll be perfect!”

Another user warned: “You should also decrease your sun time. just saying.”

Another user commented: “Her skin looks great so it must work.”