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A TIKTOK tech whiz has revealed three amazing iPhone tricks you probably didn’t know.

Even if you’ve had an iPhone for a very long time, you might have missed these Apple hacks.

There are some clever iPhone tricks you need to know


There are some clever iPhone tricks you need to knowCredit: Apple / TikTok / @katamogz

They were revealed by TikTok tech genius Katarina Mogus, who posts as @katamogz.

The gadget guru regularly shares iPhone hacks – and a new clip with hundreds of likes includes some great little-known tricks.

High flyer

First up: you can track flights in Messages.

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Open up your iPhone Messages app and text someone your flight number or abbreviated flight code.

This will allow the recipient to tap the code and get a special flight preview.

You’ll know if it worked because the text will automatically underline once you’ve sent it.

Anyone in the iMessage chat can view all of the information about the flight.

This includes departure and arrival times, as well as time remaining on the flight.

You’ll also be able to see the destinations, any delays, and the terminal and gate.

The preview will show baggage claim numbers at the end of the trip.

And anyone in the chat will get a real-time map to track the flight.

Sadly, it’s possible that some flights might not appear via the preview.

But many of the major carriers are supported with this feature.

Siri, share!

Next up, you can instantly share your screen with someone else using Siri.

Simply say “Hey Siri, share my screen with INSERT NAME”.


This will prompt Siri to share a view of your iPhone display with a contact.

You can check it before it goes across to make sure you’re sharing the right thing.

Lock it up

And thirdly, it’s possible to lock your individual Notes.

That way you could keep a spouse from seeing your Birthday Gift ideas list – or maybe you’re writing a secret diary.

Whatever the case, go into your Apple Notes app and hold down on an individual note in the list.

Then you’ll be able to tap an option to Lock that note.

You’ll be able to set a password and even add a hint to get in.

Or you can use Face ID to enter too.

But make sure you remember your password – if you lose it, you might not be able to get into the note ever again.

One more on us…

And here’s a bonus trick you might enjoy.

Grab your iPhone and turn on the flash.

Chances are that you’ve accidentally activated the torch before, but this trick is useful even if you’ve used it on purpose.

Instead of long-pressing the torch icon on the lockscreen to turn it off, there’s a faster method

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Simply drag your finger very slightly from right to left on the Lock Screen to pull the screen across.

This instantly deactivates the iPhone torch in under a second.

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