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A MOTORIST has been left baffled by a set of confusing road signs – but can you figure out what the rules are?

The woman, who goes by L.A. Cartier on TikTok, posted a video from her drive in Tottenham, North London, during which she was confronted by the unusual signage.

L.A. Cartier was left baffled by these road signs


L.A. Cartier was left baffled by these road signsCredit: lacartierofficial
They were in place as part of Tottenham's Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme


They were in place as part of Tottenham’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood schemeCredit: lacartierofficial

She found herself struggling with one of the borough’s Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN) installations, which blocked her route onto a main road.

The clip showed three signs displaying a red circle around a picture of a car and a motorcycle on a white background.

Those who are up to date on their Highway Code homework may recall that this means no access for motor vehicles, while a notice below each informed drivers of an exception for permit holders.

Others displayed camera symbols to warn drivers, while a bright yellow sign read: “Enforcement in action, penalty charges apply.”

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LTNs operate by restricting access to certain roads, usually with the aim of keeping traffic on main roads rather than residential ones.

They either completely ban vehicles from a street, with exceptions for permit holders, or restrict access between certain times.

This is often enforced by number-plate recognition cameras and fines.

In the video, L.A. can be heard saying: “So I’m here literally stuck because I don’t know if I’m allowed to go through here or not.

“I’m done with all these signs.

“I can’t afford to get another ticket so I don’t even know what to do. What does this mean?”

She added that the LTNs were driving her “crazy” and revealed that she was forced to reverse and find a new route as she couldn’t risk the fine.

Responding to a commenter who seemed to criticise her lack of knowledge about LTNs, L.A. made a second post discussing what caused her confusion.

She explained that she is familiar with the signs, but the majority of LTNs in her area are designed to keep drivers on the main road and off back streets, rather than the other way around.

Given this, she felt that it was odd that she was prevented from joining the main road from a back street, which she had accessed without any signs telling otherwise.

She said: “I know that the use of those signs is to stop people from entering the back roads.

“The fact that I was leaving the back roads…the sign was not making sense do me.”

L.A. then slapped down rude commenters, fuming: “You’re asking me stupid questions, trying to be cheeky from fake accounts. It’s useless.”

Other viewers were more understanding, with one writing: “Defo a no go, there’s a camera on them.”

Another added: “Nah don’t do it, you’ll get a ticket.”

A third went down a more light-hearted path, joking: “It means you can go through but you have to be careful of motorbikes jumping over your vehicle.”

LTNs have caused controversy after being introduced by a number of councils, particularly in London.

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Groups of residents have said their lives have been ruined by the schemes, while, in one area, they claimed that the council had turned a ten minute drive into an hour-long journey.

One person even said they missed the start of a wedding due to the restrictions.

She revealed that she ended up reversing away to avoid a fine


She revealed that she ended up reversing away to avoid a fineCredit: lacartierofficial

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