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A woman in her 60s has shared the supposed insult young people call her behind her back that has to do with her pink hair.

In end, she is not phased by it because she’s winning at life.

Vickity Vic is in her 60s and young people call her the 'old woman with pink hair'


Vickity Vic is in her 60s and young people call her the ‘old woman with pink hair’Credit: TikTok/Vickity_Vic_Tok

Vickity Vic (@vickity_vic) is a content creator in her 60s who keeps it real online.

The pop-culture enthusiast can’t help but share her opinion about movies, television, news, and “random crap,” according to her TikTok bio.

In a video on the platform, she admitted what people online call her when they’re trying to be mean.

She told viewers how little she cared and how much better she was doing in life.

“I just love it when a kid comes on my page and says you’re an old woman with pink hair like that’s an insult to me,” she said as the video began. “And guess what kiddo? I’m winning.”

The content creator went on to list many of the attributes that make her a great woman.

“I have plenty of money. I’m fully retired. I go on vacations. I have fun. I have a family that loves me,” she shared. “I have a wonderful adult son. I just bought a house.”

“Winning…go away little boy,” she said unbothered as the video came to a close.

Even though she joked in the comments that she was still a “hot mess,” people couldn’t help but praise her for her confidence.

“You such a winner good for you,” a viewer commented.

“I love it, these punks nowadays don’t know anything,” another added.

“I try to understand them when I get those comments. I picture myself at a young age. I was a cocky a**hole,” a fan shared.

She doesn't see it as an insult because she's winning at life in so many ways


She doesn’t see it as an insult because she’s winning at life in so many waysCredit: TikTok/Vickity_Vic_Tok

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