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A WOMAN over 40 has been told that she looks ‘way too old’ in a blouse but she says that’s not going to stop her from wearing what she wants.

The content creator said that she’ll continue to rock crop tops.

Robin, a fashion influencer, clapped back at haters who told her she was 'too old' to wear short tops


Robin, a fashion influencer, clapped back at haters who told her she was ‘too old’ to wear short topsCredit: TikTok/bougeeandbroke

Robin (@bougeeandbroke) shared the video with over 18,000 TikTok followers.

A troll insulted the fashion influencer for the white blouse she wore: “You’re way too old to wear shirts that short ugh,” they said.

The brunette took her time responding: “Listen 20-something-year-old, when you turn 50, you can go to Chico’s or Talbots or Lane Bryant’s or whatever, and you can wear tunic top with your capri pants,” she said.

“You’ll fit right in, but me? I’m going to rock the crop top any time I want with no thought as to what you think about it.”

She gave a little spin in her outfit, waving adios to the hater: “Bye!” she said.

“To each her own!! Stay in your own lane,” she said, adding the hashtag #fashionover40.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts.

Some thought the crop top was perfectly acceptable: “The fact that people think a crop top is more appropriate for an underage teen than a grown woman,” said one commenter.

Others related hard: “OMGEEE. I’m Gonna be 55 in August, and I wear whatever I want. Feel exactly the same!” said one.

Many thought she looked more than good enough to be able to rock the garment.

“They will be lucky if they look like you when they’re in their 50s lol,” said one commenter.

“50 is not what it used to be. Let’s rock them tops ladies!”

“I’ll be 50 next month. If I still had your flat stomach I would rock crop tops too!!!” said another.

She waved bye at the troll after saying she'll continue to rock crop tops


She waved bye at the troll after saying she’ll continue to rock crop topsCredit: TikTok/bougeeandbroke