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A PLUS-SIZE woman claims she has found the perfect bikini that will flatter a curvier body.

She went even further in her rave review, and said it made her “look hot.”

TikToker May West found a bikini range that suited her plus-size body


TikToker May West found a bikini range that suited her plus-size bodyCredit: TikTok / itsmaywest
She was very excited about Aerie bikinis


She was very excited about Aerie bikinisCredit: TikTok / itsmaywest

May West’s (@itsmaywest) delight in discovering the Aerie swimwear range was obvious.

Hailing from Oklahoma, May’s TikTok revolves around “lifestyle, home, and fashion,” so she knows what suits a woman with curves.

“If you wear sizes 12 to like 16, this is for you,” she announced excitedly on her post as she embarked on her swimwear review.

“Your girl has been hunting for a swimsuit and today I went to Aerie and tried on two different swimsuits,” she said.

To help give her viewers some context, she tried on a style she described as her “typical go-to,” a lilac number that hid her tummy.

She was unimpressed.

“So this first option and like, whatever, I mean it’s just, blah.”

When it was time to unveil the Aerie options, however, her reaction was very different: “Are you freaking ready for this?”

May then appeared wearing a hot coral-colored bikini.

“Please tell me when a two-piece, belly-showing bikini looks far better than a mommy swimsuit on a plus-size girl,” she asked.

Then added: “So freaking flattering.”

She had some sizing guidance.

“This is extra large on the bottom and then I ended up getting an extra large on the top, but I had to order it online.”

A convert to Aerie, she then tried on a different shade.

“I ended up going with this blue color,” she said.

For extra options, she decided to mix and match the two colors.

In summation, May said Aerie had done well.

“Aerie, you bad, bad girl you. Out here making plus-size girls look hot in a bikini.”

Comments agreed with her review with several feeling compelled to rush out and grab theirs now.

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“I feel like I have to go immediately. You look stunning,” said one fan.

Concluding her post, one follower’s response was short and to the point: “Looks fab,” she said.

This is the sort of look she might have gone for but wasn't impressed


This is the sort of look she might have gone for but wasn’t impressedCredit: TikTok / itsmaywest
Aerie's bikini tops and bottoms could be mixed and matched


Aerie’s bikini tops and bottoms could be mixed and matchedCredit: TikTok / itsmaywest

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