Home » Instagram account racks up thousands of followers… by posting photos of bins

INSTAGRAM is now Binstagram — with bin photos all the rage.

Dustbins on fire, wearing wigs or with For Sale signs and fake legs sticking out of them have racked up 17,000 followers.

Bin there, done that


Bin there, done that
A football binfluencer


A football binfluencer

They feature, along with one with a shopping trolley on top, on the Bins North East Instagram page.

A cheeky binfluencer started it as a joke in response to his pal’s pointless pictures of mundane sights around their home city of Newcastle.

The anonymous 25-year-old said: “I had thought that there would be a few people that would find it funny and engage with it ironically.

“I couldn’t quite believe it when the page hit 100 followers, let alone 17,000.”

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There is plenty more material to come — he has a queue of 400 pictures waiting to be uploaded as “bin of the day”.

Many of the snaps are from recent storms which scattered bins far and wide.

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