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VIEWERS of Emmerdale have insisted they are ‘losing interest’ over the show’s new bombshell plot already.

Just last week, fans of the show watched as the identities of Caleb and Nicky Milligan were finally uncovered on the ITV soap.

Fans are not happy with Nicky and his father


Fans are not happy with Nicky and his fatherCredit: ITV
ITV viewers have claimed they are losing interest in Caleb's takeover plot


ITV viewers have claimed they are losing interest in Caleb’s takeover plotCredit: ITV

Fans reeled as they watched the pair be uncovered as father and son working on getting their hands on Home Farm from Caleb’s dead father Frank Tate’s ex Kim.

Kim has no clue she has gone into business with her long-lost step-son who is plotting to take her down and all her money with him.

Gabby Thomas has also become embroiled in the scandal after Nicky played along as her fiance and the nanny to her son Thomas in order to ween more information about the business out of her.

However, despite the story already having some way to go, ‘bored’ fans are already wishing they could switch off as they slammed the soap for the storyline.

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Taking to Twitter, one fan blasted the “creepy” characters, saying: “#Emmerdale I’m no fan of gobby Gabby but what creepy Caleb & nasty Nicky are doing us bloody disgusting & as plots go really.”

Another said: “This Caleb/Nicky storyline has lost it’s edge. I’m losing interest and I don’t like Gabby being hurt either!”

A third frustratingly added: “#Nicky makes my skin crawl! #Caleb.”

The comments continued to pile in, with many fans siding with Gabby and Kim and against the Dales’ latest arrivals.

One viewer commented: “Gabby will be heartbroken by the truth about Nicky but she’ll probably be more frustrated by the fact that Kim was right not to trust him in the first place.”

Before another did not mince their words when it came to Caleb as they left a scathing review of his character online.

They penned:  “WTF is Caleb literally always in the middle of everything seriously? Chas/Paddy, Cain & Amy/Will, Kyle, Gabby/Nicky/Kim, now Leyla?

“She needs to focus on her recovery not another dodgy bloke. Also why make out like Cain was being drawn in? To what? Revenge on Kim?”

Only time will tell if dastardly Caleb and Nicky manage to get their hands on Kim’s millions but one thing is for sure, she won’t go down without a fight.

What will it mean for Kim and Gabby?


What will it mean for Kim and Gabby?Credit: ITV

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