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A WOMAN who has a self-confessed apron belly has revealed the ultimate hack to looking seamless in any outfit. 

Nikki, from Houston, Texas, is a plus size model and uses her TikTok account to review brands, share hauls, share behind the scenes of her pageants and give styling tips. 

A woman has shared a genius styling hack without using shapewear


A woman has shared a genius styling hack without using shapewearCredit: TikTok/@nikkiluuuu1
Nikki shared a before and after snap of the jumpsuit


Nikki shared a before and after snap of the jumpsuitCredit: TikTok/@nikkiluuuu1
Nikki said she gets her tailor to add a mesh lining into her outfits


Nikki said she gets her tailor to add a mesh lining into her outfitsCredit: TikTok/@nikkiluuuu1

Sharing a clip for her 40.3k followers to benefit from, she could first be seen posing in a sparkling pink jumpsuit in a dressing room, where her “apron belly” was more noticeable. 

“This is how I get my jumpsuits looking from this, to this with no shapewear,” she said as the scene switched to her posing in the same jumpsuit, where her belly looked seamless. 

“So if you’re like me, we love our apron bellies but we just want them to look a little more seamless,” she continued. “On a lot of my clothes you can see every line and to me… I just want to look more seamless.” 

@nikkiluuuu1 then explained that she takes any outfit she feels doesn’t look too flattering to her “good ol’ tailor” who puts mesh panels inside the outfit. 

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Sharing a clip of the panels, which appear to cover everything from the waist to the top of the thighs, she went on: “It’s a strong fabric that acts like a barrier inside so that it doesn’t stick to every fine line that you have.” 

“You can pick this fabric from any local fabric store that you have,” she continued before sharing that she bought 36 inches of it for the jumpsuit. 

Posing in the one piece once more, she added: “And this is what I end up looking like y’all, no shapewear. Just some good ol’ fashioned tailory”. 

In the caption, she added: “My favorite way to make my outfits look seamless! I have ALL the style tips, what else do you want to see??”

People were quick to comment on the post, praising her for living life far in the future.

“You’re out here living in 3023 and I am way behind! Brilliant!” one person wrote, to which she replied: “Ahahah it’s a pageant hack that I learned and LOVED!”

Another said: “Awesome idea – you’re a genius!! More please!!”

A third commented: “Oh wow. Nice thank you for this I’m gonna have to see if I can do that for myself. This is so timely thank you,” followed by a praying hands emoji.

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