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List of Chinese Scholarships For International Students: – This page will outline a list of all fully funded Chinese scholarships for international students. China has over 270 internationally recognized universities that all have international repute, which is what actually makes it a top-rated study destination for so many foreign students.


Funding Package of Chinese Scholarships

The financial cover that is provided by most of these Chinese scholarships helps in covering highly paid monthly stipends, free accommodations, life insurance for students, free education, and some high-class funding for some experimental work and conference participation.

List of Chinese Scholarships For International Students: – If you’re actually considering china as a preferred study destination then you will be happy to actually know that there are tons of scholarships that are available in china that you can take advantage of. The Chinese universities are open to international students. Furthermore, they also provide scholarships that are usually funded by the Chinese government or the provincial government. And most of the time, the individual universities.

With that being said, let’s go through the list of Chinese Scholarships that are available for international students.

List of Chinese Scholarships For International Students in 2022

The following are the highest-paid Chinese scholarships that are available for international students that are being offered in 270+ Chinese universities under tons of Chinese academic funding programs.

1. Chinese Government Scholarships- CSC Scholarships

International students, scholars, and teachers can actually take advantage of this particular scholarship. With this scholarship, applicants can both study and also do research in China. This scholarship is actually provided with the main goal of promoting mutual understanding between China and the countries that the foreign students are coming from.

The Chinese scholarship council is actually responsible for the administration of these scholarships. There are tons of different scholarship programs that are currently being provided by the Chinese Government at the different institutions.

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Over 274 universities actually offer CSC scholarships. These scholarships are actually offered to international students for their education at the 274 Chinese universities. The scholarships help in covering major studies, and Chinese language preparatory studies. The cost that is covered by this scholarship involves the following; tuition and accommodation fee. The stipend is also provided to scholarship holders.

To get more information about this scholarship, you can get further details through the website of the china scholarship council.

2. Jiangsu Government Scholarship

In order to actually attract more outstanding and excellent students to actually study in Jiangsu Province, and vigorously promote the health and also the rapid developments of higher education of international influence of higher education in Jiangsu province, the Jiangsu provincial Government has actually funded the establishment of the Jiangsu Provincial Government scholarships for international students. This is actually set for international students with a friendly and nice attitude to China, exceptional grades, and good morals actually including doctoral students, Msc Students, language, and BSc students.


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Each year the Jiangsu Government actually allocate research funds to the province, as a result of this, the research unit in the province invite research proposal for the different initiatives. The Jiangsu scholarship actually covers tuition fees, accommodation, and comprehensive medical insurance. This province also provides partial scholarships of which students get a certain amount every academic year.


Every year new Ph.D. scholarships are usually granted to pre-doctoral researchers which are aimed at obtaining a doctoral degree within a time frame of 4 years. This scholarship aims to provide funds for about 50 PhD grants. The amount offered by this scholarship is approximately 2.252 Euros per month. And this is dependent on the family status of the scholar. A bench fee of 310 Euro’s per month is usually awarded to the promoter for some operational cost. To find out more about this scholarship, you can as well visit the website that is dedicated to studies in Jiangsu.

3. Hubei Provincial Government Scholarship

The Hubei provincial scholarship is a scheme that is actually open to international students that want to undertake studies at the university in Hubei. It is actually administered by the Ministry of Education of Hubei province and they also help in supporting tuition for university students.

The scholarship holders are provided with a certain amount per year for their tuition fees and accommodation and monthly allowance as well. They are different categories of the Hubei government scholarships that are available. They include the following; undergraduate scholarship, graduate scholarship, doctorate scholarship, general scholar scholarship, and advance scholarship.

These Hubei governments are further classified as partial and fully funded scholarships. In order for applicants to be eligible for this scholarship, they must not be getting aid or help from the Chinese government or from any other organization in China. And should be hard-working and must be in excellent health.

To get more information about this scholarship, you can visit the website of the Hubei provincial government or the university pages that is situated in the Hubei province of China.

4. Beijing Government Scholarship

The Beijing scholarship is actually provided by the Beijing Municipal Government. This scholarship covers the tuition fees of international students either fully or partially. This scholarship is actually available for undergraduates, graduates,s and PhD programs in Beijing.

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Students have to either apply or re-apply for the scholarship per year. Only those students that don’t hold any other scholarship and must be in good health can apply for the scholarship to actually study in Beijing. scholarship
For further details on the scholarship, you can obtain them through the website of the Beijing Municipal Government.

5. UNESCO/People’s Republic of China (The Great Wall) Co-Sponsored Fellowship Program

This fellowship program is actually provided by UNESCO in collaboration with the government of the People’s Republic of China. Applicants from different member countries can benefit from this program. The program allows both students and scholars to pursue advanced studies and research at selected Chinese universities.
Applicants must have English proficiency and must be healthy in order to be considered for this program.

To get further information on the program, you can as well visit UNESCO website. You can as well contact the National Commission of UNESCO in your home country for applying and getting more information. scholarship