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LIZ Truss is right that only a radical, reforming PM can see us through this monumental crisis. It’s hardly time for “steady as she goes”, is it?

We just hope she doesn’t underestimate the violence of the opposition she faces if she gets into No10 and tries anything remotely controversial.

Liz Truss is right that only a radical, reforming PM can see us through this monumental crisis


Liz Truss is right that only a radical, reforming PM can see us through this monumental crisisCredit: PA

If, as seems highly likely, she is named our new PM on Monday, Truss will inherit an economic disaster worse even than Labour handed Maggie Thatcher: Energy bills quintupling, inflation out of control.

The worst fall in living standards in 100 years. Millions terrified for the winter. Small firms facing oblivion.

As PM, Truss must be radical with her direct help. Tax cuts and growth are vital as a direction of travel for her Tories — but they won’t stop the poorest freezing in December.

Meanwhile, she must not protect Shell and BP’s billions out of misguided ideology.

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The public is enraged by the injustice of firms making gargantuan sums profiteering from Putin’s war.

Long-term, we do desperately need radical solutions. Far more drilling for UK gas. A rapid green-light for fracking, with locals compensated if need be.

More nuclear plants. New reservoirs. A bonfire of planning laws to build more homes. The Rwanda migrants scheme enacted in defiance of the ECHR.

So much needs fixing. But here PM Truss will face a wall of obstruction — from the Civil Service, opposition parties and left-wing lawfare outfits devoted to thwarting Tory policies in court.


Plus social media and our “impartial” TV broadcasters, all willing her to fail.

She will need to take them all on and win. The challenge is huge and unenviable.


WHEN the Left bleats that the NHS is cut to the bone, don’t believe a word.

Yes, it is on its knees after Covid. But their claim that it is under-funded is as false as their belief that it is untouchable.

Look at the £2.8billion wasted on middle-managers who have doubled since 2013. Many do nothing for patient care.

Look at the daily ads for new “diversity and inclusion” bosses on £50,000-plus. Hire nurses and doctors instead.

Whoever is Health Secretary this time next week must wield the axe.


MIKHAIL Gorbachev was a giant figure responsible, alongside Ronald Reagan, for the end of the Cold War and Soviet Union.

Which makes him a hero in the West and those nations freed from communist tyranny. But not in his homeland.

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Most there blame him for wrecking their empire. They crave a strongman, idolise the demonic Putin and cheer as their soldiers murder Ukrainians.

Gorbachev liberalised his country and made the world safer. How tragic that Russians now loathe him for both.