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LIZ Truss will be Britain’s next Prime Minister after she today vanquished Rishi Sunak to be crowned the new Tory leader.

She will succeed Boris Johnson as the country’s 56th premier after being formally appointed by the Queen at Balmoral tomorrow.

The Foreign Secretary easily saw off the former Chancellor, beating him by 81,325 votes to 60,399 – a 57.4 per cent majority.

Ms Truss has been the frontrunner throughout the bruising summer contest, streaking ahead in the polls by wooing grassroots Tory members with her promise of bumper tax cuts.

But she will enter Downing Street with the most daunting economic circumstances since the 1970s as inflation bites.

Giving her victory speech in Westminster, the PM elect said: “I will deliver a bold plan to cut taxes and grow our economy.

“I will deliver on the energy crisis dealing with people’s energy bills, but also dealing with the long term issues we have on energy supply.”

She is expected to announce her energy plans within the next week to cushion Brits from crippling bill hikes.

Freezing energy prices is on the cards, as is dishing out more cash help for the poorest in society.

In her speech she also rallied members to pull out the stops ahead of the next election in two years time.

She said: “We will deliver a great victory for the Conservative Party in 2024.”

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  • Truss pays tribute to outgoing Boris

    Liz Truss said: “I want to thank our outgoing leader, my friend Boris Johnson.

    “Boris, you got Brexit done. You crushed Jeremy Corbyn. You rolled out the vaccine, and you stood up to Vladimir Putin. You are admired from Kyiv to Carlisle.”

  • Truss appears to rule out an early election

    Liz Truss suggested she is ruling out a snap election, telling members to prepare for 2024.

    She said: “My friends, I know that we will deliver, we will deliver and we will deliver.

    “And we will deliver a great victory for the Conservative Party in 2024.”

  • Truss: I will help Brits with their bills

    Giving her victory speech in Westminster, the PM elect said: “I will deliver a bold plan to cut taxes and grow our economy.

    “I will deliver on the energy crisis dealing with people’s energy bills, but also dealing with the long term issues we have on energy supply.”

    She is expected to announce her energy plans within the next week to cushion Brits from crippling bill hikes.

    Liz Truss gives her victory speech
    Liz Truss gives her victory speech
  • BREAKING: Liz Truss WINS Tory leadership race

    Liz Truss will become Britain’s next PM after beating Rishi Sunak to become Tory leader.

    Ms Truss will officially succeed Boris Johnson as the UK’s 56th premier tomorrow after meeting the Queen.

    Ms Truss is now making a victory speech to Tory members in Westminster.

  • Moments away…

    We’re now just moments away from the results.

    Tory chair Andrew Stephenson is currently addressing Tory members and praising both candidates.

  • Grinning Liz Truss arrives at the results announcement

    The smile of a victor? Liz Truss has now arrived at the results event in Westminster where she is expected to be crowned Tory leader.

    She and Rishi Sunak will be told of the results 15 minutes ahead of the 12.30 announcement.

    The winner will then give a short speech to the assembled faithful of Tory politicians and members.

  • Tory chiefs head to the results announcement

    Tory Party chiefs make the short walk from Conservative HQ to the QEII where Britain’s next PM – and their next leader – will be revealed.

    From left to right: Party CEO Darren Mott, co-chairman Andrew Stephenson, 1922 chair Sir Graham Brady, who will read the results, and the other co-chairman Ben Elliot.

    GB News’ Darren McCaffrey has the pic.

  • Protester is removed from venue

    Where there’s politics, there’s protest. And a handful of them rallied outside the QEII this morning ahead of the result.

    Cops were seen removing one of them from the road outside the venue.

  • Less than 45 minutes to go…

    Britain’s 56th PM will be revealed very shortly at an event in Westminster.

    Sir Graham Brady, chair of the backbench 1922 committee, will announce the results at 12.30pm.

    Frontrunner Liz Truss will be seated next to her husband Hugh O’Leary.

    BBC political editor Chris Mason has pics from inside the Queen Elizabeth II exhibition centre.

  • Sir Keir Starmer puts the boot in

    The Tories are about to elect their fourth leader in six years – and Sir Keir Starmer is not impressed.

    The Labour leader says 12 years of Conservative rule has led to “collapsing public services and the worst cost of living crisis in decades”.

    Labour have the best odds to win the most seats at the next general election, according to bookies Paddy Power:

    8/11      Conservative

    10/11    Labour

    66/1      Liberal Democrats

    150/1    Greens

  • Could Boris Johnson make a comeback?

    That is the question on Tory MPs’ lips even as they prepare to welcome a new leader.

    Allies have fuelled speculation the outgoing PM could mount a stunning comeback if his successor proves a flop.

    Pals have said Mr Johnson would likely want to use his newfound freedom to make some money in the first instance.

    But bookies today gave him an eye-catching 16/1 chance to come back as Tory leader after the next election. Never say never.

    Boris Johnson in Downing Street today
    Boris Johnson in Downing Street todayCredit: Reuters
  • Honesty is crucial for the next PM, says former chancellor

    A former chanceller says honesty about what challenges lie ahead will be crucial to the next PM’s success.

    Lord Hammond said: “If I were advising the incoming prime minister, my advice would be to be very honest with the British people about the challenges we are facing in the short term and how we are going to deal with them,” he said.

    “Of course, the Government is going to have to provide support to deal with massive energy bills in the short term, but I think the incoming prime minister’s got to be clear about what the Government can do and what it can’t do,” Hammond continued.

    “It can help with the short-term pressures, the bit of this in energy inflation which is temporary, cyclical, related to the war in Ukraine.”

  • Britain’s next leader faces ‘heightened risk of recession’

    Britain’s new prime minister is facing a tough task ahead as they look to tackle the the country’s worsening economic situation.

    The new leader will have to crack the Cost of Living crisis during a period clouded with a “heightened risk of recession” following new figures signalling the private sector contracted in August after activity slumped in the services sector.

    The widely-followed S&P Global/CIPS UK services PMI survey suggested the all-important services sector only just eked out growth last month.

    It came out with worse-than-expected reading of 50.9, down from 52.6 in July and the slowest pace of expansion for a year-and-a-half.

  • Liz Truss laid out her stall on Twitter this weekend

    Tory leadership candidate Liz Truss took to Twitter to pledge her policies ahead of today’s election result.

    Speaking of her priorities if successfully elected, the current foreign secretary posted: “As Prime Minister, I will unleash Britain’s potential by going for growth and removing the obstacles holding our country back.

    “A growing economy is key to delivering for the British people and unlocking opportunity.”

  • Rishi Sunak prepares to learn his fate

    Rishi Sunak leaves his Kensington home this morning as he prepares to learn the results of the Tory leadership contest.

    The former Chancellor is not expected to overcome Liz Truss’ seemingly unassailable lead to become PM.

    He has struggled to shake accusations he knifed Boris Johnson in the back – and his central pitch to hold off on tax cuts has failed to capture the hearts of Tory members.

    Mr Sunak has vowed to remain in politics as an MP if he loses, rather than jetting back to California as some had expected.

    Rishi Sunak leaves home this morning
    Rishi Sunak leaves home this morningCredit: Reuters
  • The Sun Says… Act fast, Liz

    LIZ Truss’s supporters say she is ready to hit the ground running if, as expected, she is announced today as the new PM.

    Let’s hope they are right.

    Because whether it is Liz or Rishi Sunak who has won the pointlessly long leadership campaign, they will be facing the worst in-tray of any PM since Margaret Thatcher.

    There is no time for a warm-up, and that goes for their Cabinet as well, who need to be selected on merit — not which side they picked in the interminable squabble for No10.

    The incoming PM will need to have immediate answers for the cost of living crisis, illegal migration and other problems that have festered for two months while the infighting dragged on and on.#

    Read more on our comment piece here.

  • Tory grandee says leadership contests should be ‘shortened’

    A Tory grandee has called for future leadership contests to be shortened, as Britain waits to find out who will be the next PM.

    Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, the treasurer of the 1922 Committee, told BBC Radio 4’s Today: “Now as a result of how we see it’s gone, we will need to rethink if and when it should happen again,”

    “I would shorten the process of members in the country.

    “There was no reason why it couldn’t have been shortened. We could have had more than one hustings a day. I think it’s just been too long.”

  • Liz Truss ‘considering freezing energy bills’ if she becomes PM

    Tory leadership hopeful Liz Truss is “strongly considering freezing energy bils”, according to reports this morning.

    The Foreign Secretary is widely tipped to win the Conservative leadership race on Monday, before being handed the keys to Number 10 the following day.

    If she wins the race to Downing Street, she will become Britain’s third-ever female prime minister.

    Having made tax cuts a key priority during her leadership campaign, Ms Truss had remained tight-lipped into Sunday about what kind of support package she might introduce as the UK faces the prospect of soaring energy bills and a worsening cost-of-living crisis.

    But reports in The Daily Telegraph and The Times on Monday suggest Ms Truss will likely introduce an energy bills freeze in some form.

    The Times reports the package could be on the scale of the furlough scheme introduced by then-Chancellor Rishi Sunak when the Covid-19 pandemic struck, while the Telegraph suggests the specifics of such a policy are still being debated.

  • Big challenges face the next PM

    Whoever becomes Britain’s next PM today faces a bulging in-tray of problems that need urgent address.

    Both candidates have declared the cost of living crisis their most pressing priority as energy bills set are to rocket to around £6,000.

    But other hurdles include crippling strikes, the groaning NHS backlog, the war in Ukraine and illegal immigration.

  • New PM will be in for ‘a bit of chaotic day’

    Britain’s new prime minister will be thrown straight into the fire today with a busy to-do list, an ex-cabinet secretary has said.

    Lord O’Donnell, who was cabinet secretary when David Cameron took over from Gordon Brown, said the new prime minister’s first hours in office will be “the highlight of their career” but “a bit of a chaotic day”.

    He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “This is an incredibly exciting day for that person coming through the door at No 10, it’s the highlight of their career and that may be the biggest moment in their lives”.

    He said the Cabinet Secretary greets them at the door and they get clapped in by staff before going into the Cabinet Room.

    “It’s that moment that I remember – David Cameron putting his head in his hands and thinking ‘Oh my god, what have I let myself in for?’,” the former head of the Civil Service said.

    He said the new premier receives the nuclear codes, “quite scary” security and intelligence briefings, and phone calls from world leaders and people “claiming to be your mum or your dad”, as they also get on with appointing their Cabinet and consider policy issues.

  • How is the new Prime Minister chosen?

    The new Prime Minister will be announced at 12:30pm this afternoon.

    Members of the Conservative party voted for the new PM.

    Polls closed on 2 September.

    The last time there was a ballot of party members, 160,000 voted.

    It is not clear how many voted on this occasion.

  • How are Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak qualified to be PM?

    Both Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak have served in different Cabinet jobs throughout their career.

    Ms Truss is the longest continuously serving Cabinet Minister, having held the posts of Foreign Secretary, Trade Secretary, Justice Secretary, Environment Secretary and Chief Secretary to the Treasury.

    Mr Sunak was the former Chancellor and previously served as Chief Secretary to the Treasury and housing minister.

  • Who will be in Liz Truss’ Cabinet?

    Liz Truss is expected to promote several of her key allies to top jobs if she becomes Britain’s next PM.

    None of the four most senior posts in government are expected to be held by white men.

    Her Cabinet could include:
    Kwasi Kwarteng – Chancellor
    James Cleverly – Foreign Secretary
    Suella Braverman – Home Secretary
    Therese Coffey – Deputy PM and Health Secretary

  • Liz Truss pledges energy plan in one week if she becomes PM

    The candidate for Prime Minister promised to announce a plan that could help Brits.

    She told the BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg about the idea, but did not give away any details.

    Liz says she would need time in office to put together proposals, but said it would be done within a week to tackle cost of living prices.

  • Senior Tory urges party to back new PM

    Senior Tory Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown urged his party to support whatever plan the next prime minister announces to ease the cost-of-living crisis.

    He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “I would hope that my colleagues will recognise the very serious situation we’re in and divided parties do not win elections.

    “We are going to have a general election within two years and I think what the public want to see is a government delivering on their behalf in every respect, and above all, having a plan to deal with this very serious situation.

    “And I would hope that all my colleagues when Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak, whichever of the two of them it is, announces a plan, that they will get behind it and support it.”

    The treasurer of the 1922 Committee of Conservative backbench MPs denied knowing which one would be announced as winner.

    “I suspect Sir Graham (Brady, chairman of the 1922 Committee) knows, but as always he is completely inscrutable on these matters.”