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MARRIED At First Sight returned to our screens tonight for two new marriages as four more contestants took the plunge into married life.

Fans were shocked when they watched Pjay drop a huge bombshell on his new wife Jess.

The brunette, 31, is seen dabbing tears from her wedding make-up as she sits sobbing in her gown.

Cambridge-based Jess – part of Married At First Sight’s 2022 line-up – tells the camera she “doesn’t want” to go on the pair’s Honeymoon – leaving their future in the balance.

Dreamboys hunk Pjay asked: “What is it you do for a job,” as she replied: “I’m a dental hygienist.”

She returned the question and with a cheeky smile, he responded: “So what I do I am a performer slash dancer slash stripper.”

The revelation resulted in his bride squealing: “No you’re not oh f**k off.”

How will the couple move forward from this after that reaction?

MAFS fans took to Twitter complaining about Jess’ over reaction.

One said: “Slight over reaction from Jess I feel.”

Another added: “Channing Tatum used to be a stripper and bet Jess fancies the pants off him. A job is not a deal breaker. She needs to grow up!”

Read our MAFS blog below to keep up to date with all of the action…

  • Jess’ mum has finally found her

    But it is not good news for Pjay!

    Jess’ mum is not happy after finding out his job.

    “What ambition is that” she asks.

  • Anyone else see that?

    Lara’s son does not look happy at all!

  • Richie is over the moon

    She’s a “knockout”!

  • Lara’s dad is a professional at this

    It’s as if he has done this before.

  • The toys are out of the pram

    Jess has stormed off!

    Well that was certainly not the reaction Pjay was hoping for.


    Jess does not seem happy with Pjay’s stripping job.

  • “That’s cute”

    The perfect reaction, as Jess has just found out Pjay has kids.

  • Pjay just revealed he is a big Potter fan

    I don’t think anything is wiping the grin off of Pjay and Jess’ faces.

  • “Oh Wow”

    Pjay seems delighted as Jess walks down the aisle.

  • Pjay knows what he is doing

    Pjay is very clever. Keep the mother-in-law happy! He has just handed her a huge bouquet of flowers.

  • Could this be third time lucky… for Laras’s dad

    This will be his third time walking her down the aisle!

  • The big day is here

    Lara’s son will be at the wedding.


    Good luck to Richie, apparently her son doesn’t take any rubbish.

  • That was a shock

    Pjay’s family thinks he is having them on.

    Will they get past this and show him a bit of support?

  • Pjay is a stripper!

    Will Jess be okay with this? Looks like we have another big bombshell that will be dropped on the wedding day.

  • Pjay has a kid

    Pjay is a big family person and he is a Harry Potter fan!

    This relationship could work.

  • Pjay is a dancer and performer from Birmingham

    He is a part of the iconic Dreamboys troupe and confesses in the past his partners have had – albeit unfounded – trust issues.

    Essential qualities in a partner? Someone who gets the thumbs-up from his mum – she is his best mate.

  • Jess is looking for some respect

    Can Pjay be the one to provide that?

  • That is a shock

    Ouch, Jess’ ex cheated on her with her dads partner.

    That’s rough!

  • Hogwarts super fan

    Here comes Jess.

    Jess is a dental hygienist from Cambridge.

    She admits her main priority in life is having fun but concedes she sometimes moves too quickly when in a relationship.

    Essential qualities in a partner? A Harry Potter addict – as she’ll make them wear a cloak when watching the movie.

  • Lara and Richie have been locked in

    Could we see 50 year old Richie finally fall in love?

  • Richie is still living at home

    Hopefully Lara’s son will be okay with someone else living in their house.

  • Could Richie be the man

    Richie is a sales advisor from Sheffield.

    He worked in the music industry for 23 years during which he joined forces with Sheryl Crow and Russell Watson.

    Essential qualities in a partner? Someone with an ear for a tune.

  • Time to find her the perfect man

    Lara has been hurt before, hopefully the experts can get her with the perfect match tonight.

  • Lara’s son is already making his demands

    Lets see what he thinks of her soon to be husband.

  • First up is Lara

    Lara is a waitress from Nottingham.

    She is a former dancer from Canada, who has been married and divorced twice.

    Essential qualities in a partner? A Disney-style prince, as this contestant is after her perfect fairy tale ending.