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Gregg Wallace reveals how to make King Charles’ Coronation Quiche even better

If you’re still not completely sold on the Coronation Quiche, MasterChef judge Gregg Wallace, 58, gives some easy tips on how you can jazz it up and make it your own.

Gregg said: “I do like the sound of the Coronation Quiche. It’s certainly rich, with the salty tang of a good cheddar and a little sweet bite of broad bean.

“All of this in a crumbly pastry case is a winner for sure.

“Yes, it’s a little fattening with the butter, cream and cheese, but the King’s Coronation is a celebration, so why not indulge a little?”

He added: “I think it’s better to buy a ready-made pastry. Even better still, you can buy a ready-made pastry case.

“If you are going to make your own pastry and you struggle to find lard, you can always swap it for butter, which also means you don’t have to spend more money on extra ingredients.

“Tarragon is a difficult herb to find fresh, but I promise you that dried tarragon is just as good. If you can’t find either, then try shaving fennel as an alternative to get that aniseed flavour.”

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