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Morgan Wallen had some “bad news” to share with fans in a May 9 Instagram post. Just over two weeks after he abruptly cancelled a show because of vocal issues, Morgan announced that he’d be postponing six more weeks of shows on his One Night At A Time tour. “After taking ten days of vocal rest, I performed three shows last weekend, and by the third one, I felt terrible,” Morgan shared. “I went in and got scoped yesterday and they told me I had re-injured my vocal chords and that I have vocal fold trauma.”

The country singer’s doctors advised him to go on vocal rest for six weeks. Unfortunately, that means Morgan has to cancel a series of upcoming shows, including tour dates, a performance at the May 11 ACM Awards, and various festival appearances. He did not specify which shows would be cancelled, but the tour is due to continue until the beginning of October.

However, Morgan assured his fans that his team is working on rescheduling the dates that he can’t make this time around. “We’ve almost got that done, but some are pending, so I’ll keep you updated,” he continued. He also assured festival ticket holders that he’d be making up for those appearances by “making it right” next year.

“[The doctors] told me that if I do this the right way, I’ll get back to 100 percent,” Morgan explained. “But they also said that if I don’t listen and I keep singing, I’ll permanently damage my voice. So for the longevity of my career, this is just the choice I had to make. I hate it, but I love you guys and I appreciate all the support you always give me. I’ll see you soon. I’ll be back better than ever.” Morgan also shared that he’d recently injured his back while in Australia, and said he’d be using this quiet time to rest that injury, as well.

morgan wallen
Morgan Wallen performing. (John Salangsang/Shutterstock)

This announcement comes following Morgan’s abrupt cancellation of a Mississippi show just moments before start time in April. Fans at the show were in their seats and waiting for the concert to start when it was announced that Morgan would not be taking the stage. He then went on to cancel three shows in Michigan, Illinois and Nebraska to rest his voice. All of those shows have since been rescheduled.

“There’s nothing I want more than to be on stage playing for you guys,” Morgan shared at the time. “But as of today, I’m on doctor-ordered vocal rest and we have to reschedule this week’s shows. I appreciate and understand everything you do to get to my shows so it would be unfair of me to put on a show that I know will not be 100 percent. I’m doing everything I can to speed up the process of getting to that 100% mark.” Morgan got back on the road for the first weekend of May, but only further damaged his voice in the process.

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