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A MUM has been slammed over her supposedly unsafe DIY project suspending her daughter’s bed from the ceiling. 

Renee Fraser created a “floating loft bed” for her unicorn-loving daughter which is elevated several feet above the ground. 

Trolls have accused Renee of neglecting safety standards with her latest DIY project


Trolls have accused Renee of neglecting safety standards with her latest DIY projectCredit: Facebook

The bunk is fixed to the ceiling through two ropes and has a ladder at the end for the child to climb into bed. 

The mum enlisted the help of her husband on the 18-hour weekend project and assured that her daughter “loves it”. 

She took to Facebook to gush over the finished result but was met with backlash by concerned trolls.

Other parents have accused Renee of neglecting safety standards and putting her daughter at risk, with some even claiming one wrong move in her sleep could kill her. 

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One mum slammed: “The sheer logistics have my brain exploding.

“The mum in me is like ‘well that’s going to suck to make real fast’.

“Then the thought turns to ‘is it higher than a top bunk?’ 

“We have safety standards for a reason.”

Another weighed in: “Are you able to make the side barriers solid? 

“With a child’s body weight slightly compressing the mattress, their body may slip between the mattress and top rail.

“And then the child is left suspended by the neck with no way to get up.”

Renee was aware that her Facebook post may attract attention but wasn’t expecting such intense backlash. 

She clapped back on the social media site: “Under the rope is cable anchored to our roof trusses. 

“My husband instals height safety access platforms and abseiling anchors for a profession so this is professionally installed.

“It’s no higher than a loft bed and the bedding is changed the same as a loft or bunk bed.

“Thank you to everyone who likes it, we would never risk our daughter’s safety.”

And to add to her daughter’s joy, Renee also plans to add a slide to the floating loft bed. 

The family had been searching for the perfect bed that their daughter could store her toys underneath for months. 

When the mission felt like an impossible – and super expensive – task, the parents decided to take matters into their own hands. 

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They spent around £420 in materials and dedicated 18 hours over three days to create the unique bunk.

All of the supplies were from DIY store Bunnings apart from the decorative rope, which was from Australian supermarket Kmart.

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