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A YOUNG woman has shown off how proud she is of her 80-year-old grandma’s style and energy.

She praised her for being a fashion icon and advised people to be more like her when they’re older.

TikTok user Tillynjen said her 80-year-old grandma doesn't dress her age


TikTok user Tillynjen said her 80-year-old grandma doesn’t dress her ageCredit: TikTok/@tillynjen3

TikTok user Tillynjen (@tillynjen3) shares many aspects of her life online.

Whether it be nostalgic fashion, style tips, or time with loved ones, it’s all simply for fun.

It’s apparent that she has great respect and appreciation for her grandmother Carolyn by the many times she mentions her in her videos.

In a video on the platform, she introduced viewers to her 80-year-old family member and it was apparent where her sense of style came from.

For the duration of the video, the TikTok user filmed her grandmother posing in a living room.

Her vivacious personality came to the forefront with the way she showed off her clothing items.

From her French manicure to her fresh white kicks and white fluffy sweater that she paired with jeans and a white turtleneck sweater, Carolyn slayed.

Her granddaughter emphasized this with her subtitles over the video that read “she is a fashion icon and “Don’t dress your age. Dress like Carolyn.”

The tone of the video went perfectly with the background song, Fergie’s Glamorous.

The TikTok user mentioned in the video’s caption that her grandmother is battling lymphoma cancer, but still maintained high energy and a smile.

Her comment section was filled with appreciation and admiration for her grandmother.

“Oh gosh, she’s sassy! Love this!” a fan praised.

“The french tuck! You come by it honestly!!!” another chimed in.

“Excuse me??!! She’s EVERYONE’S grandma now!!” a viewer comically wrote.

From head to toe, her grandmother Carolyn is a fashion icon


From head to toe, her grandmother Carolyn is a fashion iconCredit: TikTok/@tillynjen3
The TikTok user suggested that more people be like her grandmother


The TikTok user suggested that more people be like her grandmotherCredit: TikTok/@tillynjen3

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