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A WOMAN doesn’t care if her back rolls are visible in her dress.

She said they used to be her biggest insecurity but now she’s embracing her body.

Sheba, a body positive content creator, clapped back at a stranger's comment about her back rolls


Sheba, a body positive content creator, clapped back at a stranger’s comment about her back rollsCredit: TikTok/iamshebaa_

Sheba (@iamshebaa_) shared the uplifting video with over 60,000 TikTok followers.

The content creator rummaged in her bag looking for something as a stranger made a comment on her body.

“Girl I can see your back rolls in that dress,” she said.

The body positive influencer turned with a quickness to respond.

“And what about it?” she asked with some sass, closing the flap of her bag.

When the stranger had nothing left to say, Sheba smirked: “Okay,” she said.

“My body is beautiful,” she added with the hashtags #curvybody and #bodypositivity.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on her response.

“Nothing baby girl, not a DAMN thing about it,” agreed one commenter.

“Fr y’all gonna get this body how ever I give it this summer!! & what about it,” joked another.

“I would have said THANK YOOOOOU!” said a third.

“Girl you look amazing in that dress,” complimented a fourth.

“Stop because this is my biggest insecurity,” said a fifth.

Sheba said she used to be able to relate: “It was mine for a while too! I started embracing the beautiful body I have. Remember your body is beautiful,” she said.

The content creator embraced her body


The content creator embraced her bodyCredit: TikTok/iamshebaa_

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