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A CRAFTY fashionista has revealed how she destroyed her birthday dress just before the celebrations after attempting to dye it black.

Megan West, from the UK, took to TikTok to share the major fail, where it’s since gone viral, leaving people in hysterics.

Megan decided to give the dress a new look and attempted to dye it black


Megan decided to give the dress a new look and attempted to dye it blackCredit: tiktok/@meganwest_xx/
Despite the efforts, the DIY project ended up a flop


Despite the efforts, the DIY project ended up a flopCredit: tiktok/@meganwest_xx/
The blue dress now had a light grey hue to it


The blue dress now had a light grey hue to itCredit: tiktok/@meganwest_xx/

According to the young woman, who works at a bar, she had nabbed a stunning tulle dress in bright blue for her birthday.

But then, just before celebrating the special occasion, Megan decided she wanted to change the colour of the garment and attempted to turn it black.

With the help of her pal, Megan got some black dye, a plastic container, as well as heaps of water, where she’d then dip the dress.

”We were so positive at the beginning, convinced it was gonna work,” she told her fans in the video.

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However, as they soon came to discover, it wasn’t as easy and the DIY fashion fix turned into ”the biggest mistake” she’d ever made.

After letting the piece of clothing marinate in the water-dye mixture, Megan and her mate realised the material hadn’t really soaked up much of the concoction and the dress now had a slight grey tint to it.

Despite the fashion disaster, the crafty duo didn’t give up and came up with a solution, spray-painting every layer pitch black.

The total process of this took the two around three hours, Megan revealed.

”All this for a birthday dress…”

Looking back at the DIY flop, Megan said in the caption: ”Dont even ask why i thought it was agood idea because looking back i should have left it alone [sic].”

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Since being shared on the platform, the clip has racked up close to a whopping 3million views and hundreds of comments.

One wondered: ”would It not been easier just to go buy black one.”

Another reckoned: ”You should’ve just tested the belt first. I’ve learned that the hard way tooooo [sic].”

”Looks like synthetic material so you need dye that’s meant for that,” someone else added.

”Making the dress extra flammable for that birthday candle shot,” a viewer wrote.

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