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A WOMAN is excited the weather is warmer and it’s ‘no underwear’ season.

She has her sun dress ready to go for the occasion.

Haley, a fashion influencer, was excited for the warmer weather


Haley, a fashion influencer, was excited for the warmer weatherCredit: TikTok/hazey_hhaley

Haley (@hazey_hhaley), a fashion content creator, shared her outfit in a video with over 160,000 TikTok followers.

She personally was more than prepared for the warm weather: “When you hear it’s sun dresses and no pan7ies season,” she said.

She walked into her room in shorts and a tank top, slamming it shut to change into her new outfit.

“Anna! Hurry up!” screamed a woman in an audio.

Haley emerged in a white sun dress that hugged her curves, tossing her underwear at the camera.

“What? I’m ready,” she smirked.

“My favorite season,” she added.

People took to the comments to share their thoughts on the fit: “Catch the drip,” said one commenter.

“Oh you knew the assignment,” said another.

Others said that they needed medical assistance from how good she looked: “You know how to do CPR?” asked one commenter.

“Cause I think my heart just stopped…”

People said their 'heart stopped' when they looked at her


People said their ‘heart stopped’ when they looked at herCredit: TikTok/hazey_hhaley

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