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THESE days washing machines come with loads of different settings and finding the right cycle for you can be overwhelming. 

But Australian cleaning fans have been raving about a simple laundry hack that will have your clothes drying in half the time. 

Cleaning fans are raving about an easy laundry hack that can cut your drying time in half


Cleaning fans are raving about an easy laundry hack that can cut your drying time in halfCredit: Getty
The hack is to put your clothes on an extra rinse cycle before taking them out to dry


The hack is to put your clothes on an extra rinse cycle before taking them out to dryCredit: Getty

Cleaning fans shared the tip in the Facebook Group Mum’s Who Clean and it’s left Facebook users wowed. 

The hack is very simple, after a normal wash cycle you leave your clothes in the washing machine for an extra cycle. 

Some washing machines have an additional cycle called ‘Extra rinse’ where the washing machine spends an additional 10 minutes pulling extra water out of your clothes.

After this you hang your clothes dry as usual. 

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Except Facebook cleaning fans claim your drying time will be sliced in half with this trick. 

One user said: “Makes them dry so much faster. It’s brilliant!” said one Facebook user.

Some users declared the hack as a game changer.

One user said: “Not sure who it was that first posted/commented about running your washing through another spin cycle after a wash but it is, hands down, THE best hack I’ve learnt from this page so far!”

One user said this had now become a part of their regular routine.

They said: “Yessss, I do this after every wash – makes it soo much faster to dry them!” said one.

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Another wrote: “I saw that tip posted and started doing it a few months ago. It’s amazing, it dries so much quicker on the line and in the dryer.”

User said they no longer needed to worry about rain forecasts.

One said: “Bloody brilliant! I did this today as we have rain forecast tomorrow. Everything dry by lunchtime.”

Another said: “Whoever came up with this is a bloody genius. Mind is blown, drying time is halved.”

A third commented: “I also run the spin cycle after a wash and cuts the drying time in half. One of the best tips I’ve received from this page!”

Others users pointed out the hack worked anytime of the year even in colder months. 

One user said: “That extra spin cycle is really handy in winter too – faster drying time,” another responded.

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A second user claimed: “I’ve always had to do this. We don’t have a drier so washing has to dry on indoor drying racks during winter.

A third person commented: “If I don’t run them through a second spin cycle in winter they take two days to dry and end up with a horrible damp smell.”

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