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AN INFLUENCER’S stream of fascinating nuggets of information has done it again.

This time, however, it might blow your mind.

TikToker Brandon shared some surprising revelations


TikToker Brandon shared some surprising revelationsCredit: Getty
Staples, he said, can be stored underneath the stapler


Staples, he said, can be stored underneath the staplerCredit: Getty

Brandon’s (@brandonguss) posts have proved to be enormously popular, attracting nearly a million followers.

In them, he demonstrates that you don’t know what you don’t know until someone tells you.

Brandon is the guy filling in the gaps.

In one of his posts, however, he has excelled himself with a little-known fact.

He had his mom to thank.

“My mom just woke me and told me that flames don’t have shadows,” he said.

It was a detail that staggered his followers and rather shocked Brandon.

“I can’t sleep now,” he confessed.

There were more gems to be dispensed from Brandon.

Who knew about bread tags? Brandon did, but only just.

“I was today years old when I found out that the color tags of the bread are based on the day it was baked. I didn’t know that,” he admitted.

He then divulged a stapler’s hidden chamber.

“I found out that extra staples can be placed at the bottom of the stapler,” he said disbelieving.

Gatorade frost bottles, he said, also had a hidden area.

“I found out the bottom of a Gatorade Frost bottle is made to hold the cap.”

There was a proviso with this nugget, however.

“Okay, does it have to be the frost one cause it doesn’t work on normal ones because I have tried on the regular ones?”

His work done for the day, he bade his followers cheerio: “I’m done have a good day.”

But his fans weren’t done; they had an awful lot to say.

With over 2.5 million likes, over five thousand comments, and another 28,000 shares, this post generated a lot of interest.

His candle revelation blew a few minds.

“The flame one makes a lot of sense but still kinda hurts my brain,” confessed this viewer.

Someone with a bit more knowledge filled in the gaps: “Flames don’t have shadows because they are the light source,” he said usefully.

Finally, platforms like Brandon’s are imparting a lot of knowledge and this fan had something to say about his ‘online classroom’: “TikTok teaches me more than my teachers,” he said.

Candles are a light source


Candles are a light sourceCredit: Getty

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