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A LITTLE-known feature of dishwashers has left many people shocked after they learned the top racks are adjustable.

A TikTok video featuring the simple adjustment shows how you can maximize the appliance’s usefulness while saving time and space.

A TikToker has revealed a secret that could save dishwasher owners time, space, and money


A TikToker has revealed a secret that could save dishwasher owners time, space, and moneyCredit: Getty

“I was today years old when I found out,” the highly-viewed video by @bankingtiktok begins, with a text overlay on a full dish rack.

“That the top level of dishwashers could go down,” the video continues.

The TikToker proceeds to lower the top dish rack via side levers so that the contents do not hit the roof of the appliance once the drawer is pushed in.

The video then pans over to show the TikToker’s stunned face.

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For those who have been stuck with items that are caught in what seems to be the natural capacity of the machine, this discovery is revolutionary.

One user said: “mind literally blown,” while using three mind-explosion emojis to portray as much.

Another user said: “witchcraft I say.”

The skeptic of the bunch was quick to chime in with “depends on the model.”

This little-known hack comes amidst another shocking revelation about dishwashers.

According to a hot take from appliance repair pro Renae on TikTok, folks are regularly using Tide pods all wrong.


The appliance professional shares a hot take on her TikTok that changed the game for both Tide pod fans and dishwasher users.


Her recent video about dishwasher detergent pods has racked up over a million views.

“If you’re going to use pods in your dishwasher, do they go into the dispenser or not?” she asks.

“And the answer is: They do not.”

She goes on to explain that those with a dishwasher that has a spot specifically labeled ‘for pods’ are safe to use them in the soap dispenser.

For the rest of us, that could be a costly mistake.

The sticky substance that is used for cleaning from the gel pod, she explains, can get caught in the machine’s inner workings, causing it to fall into disrepair.

“I have had to replace dispensers on dishwashers because people put pods in them too often and it gunked them up and they would no longer open,” she said in the video.

Her recommendation is to put them in the bottom of the dishwasher.

Avoid any “exposed heating elements” she cautioned.

She also presented a secret hack for the safest soap dispensing: “You can do what I do and put (Tide pods) in the silverware caddy.”

Commenters shared their shock after learning they’ve been washing their dishes wrong for years.

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“You’re kidding!?! Man I learned something new,” wrote one.

“Started using them in the silverware caddy BECAUSE of you & it works BETTER,” wrote another.