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GOOD Morning Britain’s Ranvir Singh was left covering her face in horror at one of Richard Madeley’s stories today.

The pair, fronting the show this Easter Monday, were discussing rowdy behaviour in the UK’s theatres.

Ranvir Singh covered her mouth in shock as Richard Madeley read a story


Ranvir Singh covered her mouth in shock as Richard Madeley read a storyCredit: ITV

Richard, 66, apologised to viewers who might have been eating their breakfast before telling the tale.

Reading a message, he said: “We were in the theatre and the woman behind us was drinking champagne like water with a rowdy man who was slugging lager after lager.

“Just before the intermission – I’m sorry about this if you’re having your breakfast block your ears.

“The lady sicked up all over the person next to us and then the man joined them by vomiting right into my lap.”

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Richard joked: “A great night out was had by all.”

Ranvir replied: “At the theatre! It used to be this elitist thing. It’s turned into something quite… it should be for everybody of course, I’m not saying it should be elitist.”

Richard chipped in saying: “I suppose it’s almost Shakespearean. There were riots at Shakespeare at his plays in the 16th century.”

His co-host cautioned: “But we don’t want that, do we?”

GMB has been covering bad behaviour in theatres, after a woman was dragged out of a performance of The Bodyguard in Manchester.

Police were called to a row at the Palace Theatre after audience members began “trying to sing over the cast”.

The musical had be stopped early following the chaos as theatregoers claimed some people were being “incredibly disruptive” by shouting and screaming.

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