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RIPTIDE viewers are convinced they have already rumbled the identity of the killer from its opening episode. 

Channel 5 fans tuned into the new psychological thriller which tells the story of Alison, whose life turns bleak when her Australian husband vanishes after a morning surf.

Riptide viewers are convinced they've already solved the murder mystery


Riptide viewers are convinced they’ve already solved the murder mysteryCredit: Channel 5
Viewers have pointed the finger at next door neighbour Dan


Viewers have pointed the finger at next door neighbour DanCredit: Channel 5

Running over four consecutive nights, the drama set in Australia stars EastEnders actress Jo Joyner as grieving wife Alison.

The series kicked off with viewers watching Alison and Sean’s seemingly perfect relationship, after finding happiness in Australia.

But it is quickly shortlived when Sean’s son Ethan blackmails his stepmum Alison, showing her a topless photo of stepsister Hannah and threatening to expose it unless she signs a piece of paper.

Sean is horrified when he discovers Ethan’s sick plan and the pair came to blows, with Ethan telling his father that he has not forgiven him for having an affair with Alison over two years ago.

Later in the episode, Sean heads to the beach but when he doesn’t return home from surfing, the police declare that he drowned by accident.

However, Alison is convinced that there is something sinister behind his disappearance.

And she may be right, as at the end of the episode viewers watch a masked figure bury a bloodied and beaten Sean on the beach.

Many Twitter fans claimed next door neighbour Dan is the killer after spotting some suspicious clues.

After Sean’s disappearance, Dan offered Alison a shoulder to cry on and revealed that his wife died of cancer.


But not viewers are buying it and think he is hiding a sinister secret.

One wrote: “#riptide anyone else notice there wasn’t any photos of the weird neighbour with his wife….they are all of them separate!

A second echoed: “Why are there no photos of creepy neighbour and his wife actually together? #riptide,” while someone else posted: “Does he not have a picture with his wife it’s all a bit strange #Riptide”

Another tweeted: “#riptide my bet is on the next door neighbour who has bumped him off.”

“Theory: Creepy neighbour killed his wife. He then kills Shane Ramsey to get close to Tanya,” one speculated.

One viewer said: “That neighbour is giving me creepy vibes. #riptide.”

“Dan was never married, all misdirection. he was there for revenge against Sean,” another added.

Jo is joined by a host of famous faces including Ciarán Griffiths (Shameless, The Flats), David Berry (Outlander, A Place Called Home), Peter O’Brien (The Unusual Suspects, Grey Nomads), Ally Fowler (Wentworth) and Pia Miranda (Mustangs FC, Wentworth).

The line-up also includes rising stars and newcomers in the likes of Benny Turland (Neighbours, Home and Away), Asher Yasbincek (The Heights, Heartbreak High), Yazeed Daher (The Hunting, Safe Harbour), Benjamin Samaddar and Sonya Suares.

Speaking of her new role, Jo said she was “really excited” for the project and praised her character.

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“She is such a warm and layered character whose world is turned upside down, just when it seemed like her life was finally coming together.”

“I am also thrilled to be filming in the fabulous city of Melbourne and surrounding countryside, an area that I have always wanted to explore.”

Channel 5 viewers think Dan is hiding a sinister motive


Channel 5 viewers think Dan is hiding a sinister motiveCredit: Channel 5