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Twelve amateurs bakers have slowly been whittled down to just three-star GBBO bakers, who are hoping to be crowned the 2022 winner.

The final three – Syariba, Sandro, and Abdul – found themselves struggling early on when hosts Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith asked them to create a summer pudding bomb – with no instructions.

But it was Syariba who was crowned GBBO champion after she created an edible sculpture showstopper that floored the judges with her daring and adventurous flavours.

after being handed the title, she said: “Thank you so much. I can’t believe it, honestly it hasn’t sunk in yet, this is the biggest achievement in my life. All the hard work, the trial and error, it has all been worth it. I am very very proud.”

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  • ‘I feel very proud’ says Syabira Yussof

    Syabira Yusoff has been named the winner of the Great British Bake Off.

    The 32-year-old cardiovascular research associate from London saw off competition from Sandro Farmhouse and Abdul Rehman Sharif in the final episode of the Channel 4 baking contest to take home the top prize.

    After being handed the title during Tuesday’s episode, Syabira said: “Thank you so much. I can’t believe it, honestly it hasn’t sunk in yet, this is the biggest achievement in my life.

    “All the hard work, the trial and error, it has all been worth it. I am very very proud.”

  • All of the trial and error has been worth it

    Syabira has not burst out in tears as we expected on learning she had become winner.

    She says all the trial and error and all the hard work has been worth it.

    Go girl!

  • The GBBO 2022 winner is…

    The GBBO winner is Syabira!

    They beat off stiff competition from Sandro and Abdul.

    It’s been “an amazing Bake Off” this year.

  • Not a terribly amazing show of skill

    It’s been an underwhelming final to be honest.

    No one has really stood out as exceptional, with each baker making their fair share of mistakes.

    The judges are out deliberating now.

  • Who’s it gonna be?

    We’ll find out within five minutes time.

    Tense stuff!

  • And finally, it’s Abdul

    Paul loves the colours but thinks it looks unattractive.

    They criticise Abdul’s macaron’s for being too big.

    And Prue says Abdul’s choux buns were “a complete failure”.

  • Syabira up next with a wobbly showstopper

    Paul says she could have doine more work on the structure – but he loves the colour.

    Prue thinks there’s too much buttercream but Paul absolutely loves.

    Parts are not the neatest, but her flavours are excellent.

  • Sandro up first with his showstopper

    Paul likes colour and shape of the cake.

    There’s a lemon curd and cream as the cake was a “little bit chewy”.

    Lemon spoinge with a plum compote was an amazing flavour but slightly overdone.

    He’s also served up profiteroles as well – how fancy!

    Good flavours all round, but Paul says Sandro struggled on a few bits.

  • Who’s won GBBO?

    Hold your horses there – we’re just about to see the judges taste the bakes.

    Then will then go away to deliberate before delivering the news in front of family and friends.

    It’s the first time loved ones have been invited to final day at Welford Park.

  • Bake Off completed

    Matt says “congratulations, you have completed the Bake Off”.

    It does look like a bit of an endurance test – what a mountain they’ve had to climb!

  • Uh oh Abdul!

    His sculpture looked like it was at risk of collapse.

    Final five minutes left!

    Finishing touches are now being made!

  • Is Sandro brave or deluded?

    He just said just he’s not timing anything going in.


    Sandro calmly hinted that he is just going on “gut feeling”.

    Oh dear!

  • Syabira’s hasn’t fully practiced her last bake

    Wish the girl luck, as she is brave.

    A dizzying array of other elements await the bakers now.

    It’s their last chance to impress!

  • Showstopper challenge is go!

    A large edible sculpture in the theme of “our beautiful planet”

    They must have a cake base and show off at least three other baking skills.

    They’ve got four hours to do it. Go go go!

  • Noel is back!

    He’s returned for the showstopper challenge.

    he looks a bit peaky and sounds very raspy but he’s back.

  • Paul says no one was worthy of being crowned the winner

    The trio flounder when creating the delicious dish with the winner being the best of a bad bunch.

    Paul later declares the champion dessert ‘only half set’ and not worth of any applause.

    Then the hopefuls are tasked with creating a lavish edible sculpture based on the theme of ‘our beautiful planet’ as their final showstopper.

  • Sandro has fluffed it

    He doesn’t have time tp redo another summer pudding as his hasn’t set.

    Sandro’s now trying to decorate the mistake.

  • Syabira is creating her mini kisses

    There’s a lot of love on her tray says Syabira.

    Of course the meringues need to be a little bit chewy on the inside.

  • Sandro loves his raspberry

    He’s say raspberry is his second favourite berry.

    But no word on what the first was – a real shame that.

  • The technical challenge – set by Paul Hollywood

    He says “you only get one chance on this, so don’t mess it up”.

    Its a Summer Pudding bomb and it’s got so many different delicious elements I’ve lost count of what they are.

    Its a raspberry, strawberry and elderflower, using jam, bread and cream. It looks fantastic!

  • Syabira’s “unusual flavours” smash it again

    Everything is looking very neat and things taste good.

    Prue said there could have been more salt in the Pork pies.

    But Syabira’s “unusual flavours” have smashed it again.

  • Sandro’s pies are UNDERCOOKED

    Sandro’s cauliflower cheese pies are undercooked! No!

    The filling is “delicious”, but the pastry is not cooked.

    However, they loved his other bits.

  • Judgement time!

    Abdul’s signature challenge is being judged.

    Irregular sandwiches, pale Swiss rolls… Paul wasn’t happy with the appearance.

    They lived the herb and cheese pies.

    Paul Hollywood loved it and Prue ordered the flavours.

  • Do you want it?

    A bit of an exchange between Matt and Sandro just took place.

    Speaking of winning the GBBO crown, the funnyman asked the London born Nanny: “Do you want it?, to which Sandro replied: “I do want it bad”

    But Sandro then said: “Wait, what are we talking about actually?”

  • Sandro falling behind

    He still has tarts and biscuits to contend with.

    But he says he’s “determined to finish everything he said he’d deliver”.