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Today we will be outlining the top 10 scholarships in Greece for international students 2022. Greece is actually known for its very rich history and culture. And over the years it has been attracting interest from international students from all over the world.

Like other European countries, Greece also has quality educational institutes, they just don’t welcome students, and they actually help in facilitating them too. The good thing about these scholarships is that both foreign nationals and Greek citizens are both eligible for this entire scholarship program.

Greece is regarded as one of the most affordable European countries in the world. The country has numerous historic sites, museums, and monuments. These scholarship programs are being offered in tons of multiple fields and various degrees. Below we have listed some of the very best scholarship programs that are present in Greece.

If you have dreams of studying in any European country; here is your chance to actually learn in Greece; the academic terms and conditions of Greece actually support you in boosting your professional career.

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The universities in Greece offer scholarships both to graduates and undergraduates. Scholarships that are offered in this country are usually fully or partially funded; students that are searching for scholarships in any European country can actually take advantage of this opportunity.

Now let’s go through the list of top 10 scholarships for international students.

Scholarships in Greece 2022 Details
  • Host Country: Greece
  • Finances: Funded
  • Field Available: Multiple
  • Degree: Masters and Undergraduate
  • Deadline: Varies

Top 10 Scholarships in Greece for International Students 2022

1. Research Scholarships

This scholarship program is actually meant for students that have completed their graduation program. Candidates that apply for this scholarship are usually provided with financial aid that will help them in financing their education quickly during their studies. To actually get more information about this scholarship, you can check their official website.

2. University of Piraeus Scholarships

The scholarship provided by this university covers businesses and institutions that hold leading positions in the field of energy, shipping and the industry at large. In this sense, what this scholarship does is, it constitute a bridge between the academic community and the market.

The international and European studies department of this university offers scholarship program. The university actually holds expertise in the power and also in the shipping sector. To get more information about this scholarship: https://www.des.unipi.gr/en/scholarships-ma-energy

3. TEL of Epirus, Arta, Greece Scholarship

This scholarship is regarded as one of the best in Greece; it offers tons of benefits to those that are applying. Applicants that are applying for this scholarship must have completed their master’s education in the following fields; cell body, biomaterial, tissue engineering, and other related fields. This scholarship is meant for those that want to start their PhD program.

This scholarship offers candidate free accommodation to its students, aside from that, the scholarship offers the following:

  • Hall of Residence; This is actually a place to create strong bonds of friendships, to actually meet people from different backgrounds and cultures, and to actually enjoy a sense of community.
  • Catering; The student restaurants of the technological education institution (T.E.I) of Epirus actually helps in providing meals to undergraduate on a full board (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) on daily basis.
  • Students Pass: A student pass is actually provided to each student for the duration of the scholarship. The student’s pass is actually issued on a daily basis and is usually valid for a given time frame.

To get more details about this scholarship, you can as well visit the site: https://www.teiep.gr/en/section.php?titlos

4. The Fulbright Scholarship for Greece

Foreign Student scholarship program Greece is one scholarship that is open for international students in about 155 countries. The scholarship is popularly known as a research program that is funded by the US Department of State and is administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE).


This scholarship allows students to apply for M.Sc and PhD program(s) in the field of all subjects that is been taught at USA universities. The deadline of this scholarship is usually around Feb-Oct (Annual).

The Fulbright foreign student scholarship program enables students, ranging from young to professionals, and also artists from abroad to study and also conduct research in Greece. The Fulbright Foreign scholarship is in operation in more than 160 countries globally. And approximately, 4,000 foreign students actually receive this scholarship per year.

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The Fulbright foreign scholarship program is administered by a commission called the binational Fulbright foundation or the US embassies. All applications for foreign student programs are been processed by these offices.

Applicants applying for this scholarship will benefit the following;

The grant benefit of this scholarship covers the round-trip airfare of the grantees to Greece, an allowance that helps you settle in, a monthly allowance, housing stipends, books and supplies allowance, and also a computer allowance. This scholarship grants also some very basic university health insurance coverage and Fulbright ASPE health benefits as secondary coverage.

We will like to mention here that the Fulbright foreign student scholarship grant doesn’t cover dependents, this implies that grantees will not be allowed to travel with their kids or spouse (if they have any) to Greece.

For more information about this scholarship, visit this site: https://www.fulbright.gr/en/scholarships-for-greek-citizens.

5. ACT scholarship

Applicants that are applying for this scholarship must have a CGPA of 3.6 or more out of 4.0 to actually be eligible for this program.

This scholarship provides its candidate with 1000 dollars grant, this grant helps in covering their tuition fees. Students that are accepted will be given the opportunity to apply for this scholarship by actually sending their most recent transcripts to the office of admissions.

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Merit aid scholarships are also available during the fall and spring semesters. For more information about this scholarship, you can visit their official website.

6. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Scholarship

This scholarship aims to choose international students who have completed their postgraduate and undergraduate degrees, this scholarship is now welcoming PhD researchers from both Latin America and African countries.

For more information: https://www.auth.gr/en/scholarships-en/