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A TRAPEZE artist fell 30ft to her death after her husband failed to catch her in a daring stunt watched by a screaming crowd.

Footage shared online shows the moment Sun Moumou, 37, fell to the hard stage during a show in Suzhou city, China, on Saturday.

The husband and wife trapeze artists were putting on a performance in Suzhou


The husband and wife trapeze artists were putting on a performance in SuzhouCredit: Twitter

Her husband failed to catch her with his legs as the couple performed a risky change of position in mid-air.

Sun fell from more than 32ft above the ground, according to local news reports.

She is said to have been taken to hospital but doctors were unable to save her life.

Her husband said: “We were always happy together.

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“As I am in the middle of the process of dealing with all of this, I can’t disclose any specific details at this time.”

In the shocking clip, spectators can be heard screaming as Sun loses her grip.

A colleague said she was still breathing “weakly” following the tragic fall.

The performance was cancelled immediately as were planned shows over the weekend.

Anhui Yaxi Performing Art Media has been fined more than £5,600 for “holding commercial performances without approval”, according to The Global Times.

Local officials have expressed their “deep condolences” and sympathy to the victim’s family.

The couple, who were both born in 1986, are said to have had a son and a daughter together.

Social media users have called for stricter regulation in the industry.

Authorities have launched an investigation into how Sun performed without the proper safety precautions.

Reports say the performance took place at a local family farm in Hougao, a village in Suzhou, located in the northern part of Anhui Province.

She had worked with her husband, Zhang Moumou for years, according to reports.

They are said to have often performed without safety belts, according to the news website The Paper.

Zhang told local news that she had not “refused” to wear a safety line, as reported.

In September last year, a trapeze artist fell into the circus ring during a new act in front of hundreds of children and their parents. 

Tatyana Zolotukhina, 26, was performing with her husband Sergey Zolotukhin, 34, when she failed to catch his hand and plunged 16ft crashing on the ground  during a show in Russia.

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In July 2018, the America’s Got Talent judges were left gasping in horror as a trapeze act on the show went horribly wrong.

The panel were stunned when partially-sighted performer Tyce dropped his wife Mary and she plunged to the ground.

Zhang Moumou reportedly failed to catch his wife, Sun, between his legs


Zhang Moumou reportedly failed to catch his wife, Sun, between his legsCredit: Twitter

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