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A WOMAN has slammed a passenger after they poked their bare feet through a gap in her seat on a recent flight.

People have lots of different opinions about whether or not you should remove your shoes and socks on flights.

The passenger's foot was seen poking out underneath the armrest


The passenger’s foot was seen poking out underneath the armrestCredit: Tiktok/jessicajayneturner

However, invading other people’s space with your feet is almost universally considered to be a faux pas.

Tiktoker Jessica Jayne Turner (@jessicajayneturner) had her seat space intruded upon by the passenger sat behind her. And to make matters worse, they’d decided to remove their shoes and socks.

In a video she shared to her followers, Jessica revealed what she saw lurking underneath her arm rest while in mid air.

She said: “I was just minding my own business on a plane until I noticed some woman’s toes peeking next to me.”

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To make matters even worse, the toes were not only unsightly, they also affected Jessica’s journey in other ways.

She continued: “I hate to say it, but they smelled.

“I did not know what to do in this situation.”

The footage has been seen more than 14,000 times, with other people similarly disgusted by the other passenger’s behaviour.

One simply wrote: “Ohhh no.”

Others have no problem bearing their feet on planes – with a pair recently told off by flight attendants for doing so.

The incident was shared to Tiktok by user Jozy (@blowsxjozy) who said she and her friend had been “told off for getting our feet out on the plane”.

In the footage, the pair are seen with their feet up on the seats, without any shoes or socks on.

The flight attendant is seen pointing at the floor and having a word with them.

Plenty of people have offered their opinions on the matter before, including flight attendants and travel experts.

Pilot Patrick Smith told Travel + Leisure that barefoot passengers risk exposing themselves to all kinds of germs.

He said: “Cabins are cleaned prior to every flight, but that will be more perfunctory on a quick turn when there are only 15 or 20 minutes to get it done.”

David Krause, owner of SyQuest USA, who manufactures cleaning products used on airlines, told the publication: “Those who decide to go barefoot might be picking up bacteria and viruses that could negatively impact their health.”

However, Sarah James, deputy digital director of Condé Nast Traveller has a difference of opinion.

While she said she would prefer to keep her own socks on, she’s got no problem with other people taking them off, as long as they don’t invade her seating area.

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Meanwhile, this woman revealed a clever trick to remove a passenger’s bare feet from her seat.

And last year, a man was praised for his “no-nonsense” approach to a passenger’s feet on his armrest after he poured water on them.

Jessica said she didn't know what to do about the foot and that it smelled


Jessica said she didn’t know what to do about the foot and that it smelledCredit: Tiktok/jessicajayneturner

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