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A DIY pro has revealed how she decided to transform her garden herself after being quoted £8k for half the job – and people are obsessed with the final result. 

Sandra shared how they were stunned to hear that having some astroturf put down in their garden would cost around £8k, so decided to tackle the project herself. 

Sandra took to TikTok to share how she and her husband transformed their garden for a quarter of the price they were quoted


Sandra took to TikTok to share how she and her husband transformed their garden for a quarter of the price they were quotedCredit: TikTok/@sandras.home.life
The pair even added an outdoor kitchen, with both a BBQ and a smoker


The pair even added an outdoor kitchen, with both a BBQ and a smokerCredit: TikTok/@sandras.home.life

With the help of her husband, the pair planned to build an entire outdoor kitchen – and cost them just a quarter of the price. 

Known online as @sandras.home.life, the home decor enthusiast regularly shares home transformation ideas with her 25,200 followers. 

In a new TikTok reel, she said: “£8,000 just to remove a bit of soil and add some artificial grass?! I think not. 

“It was at that point my husband and I got out our ‘DIY project planning notebook’ and started planning this DIY garden makeover. 

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“In total the full transformation (inc all furniture + two BBQs ) have come in WAYYY under that £8000 quote and we couldn’t be happier.” 

During the 14-second video, Sandra shares a glimpse at what was involved in the transformation of their garden. 

She started by leveling out the ground with soil, before using cement to create a sturdy base for their outdoor kitchen. 

Next, Sandra and her partner built a wooden structure to act as the base. 

To this, various wooden slats, concrete and outdoor appliances, including two BBQs were added. 

This included one gas BBQ and a mini Kamado grill, which is a type of smoker. 

Below the video, she confirmed it cost between £2 to £2.5k. 

In another video, the DIY pro runs through how they made their slat feature wall which sits behind their kitchen counter. 

She said: “Keep watching to see how we made these DIY feature flat walls in our garden. 

“First we added some vertical batons to the fence. 

“Then we trimmed a number of slat pieces to the length that we needed. 

“Then, once that was done, we attached the slat pieces horizontally onto the vertical batons and then [used] a spacer just to make sure that we got an even spacing between them. 

“We painted it in the same colour as our decking, just for consistency…and here’s the end result.”

Fans loved her DIY makeover, with the video gaining more than 1,400 likes and 76,800 views. 

In the comments, TikTok users shared their reactions, with one writing: “Well done, looks great and it’s not grey!!!”

“Absolutely lovely result! You must be so proud,” commented another. 

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Sandra replied: “Thank you so much! Yes we are. We look at it and smile all the time haha.”

A third added: “Wow, looks awesome.”

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