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EASTER weekend is upon us and plenty of people are getting involved with traditions.

With every holiday comes a food tradition and Easter eggs and hot cross buns are the ones for Easter.

Easter Eggs and hot cross buns are Easter traditions


Easter Eggs and hot cross buns are Easter traditionsCredit: Getty

When should you eat Easter eggs and hot cross buns?

Easter eggs are usually given as a gift on Easter Sunday.

Those who follow Christian traditions tend to eat Easter Eggs on Sunday.

Some people decide to do it between Maundy Thursday and Easter Sunday.

This is due to Lent ending on this Thursday, so many reward themselves with some chocolate after spending 40 days not having any.

Many decide to open their Easter eggs on Easter Eve on Saturday night.

However, Easter eggs are not actually a Christian tradition.

So if you’re tired of looking at that Easter egg waiting for you to open it and you’re in the mood to have it, you can, you don’t have to feel guilty about it.

On the other hand, hot cross buns are normally eaten on Good Friday.

They do not have much sweetness in them, so if you traditionally still fast on Good Friday too, you wouldn’t be breaking your sacrifice.

Why we eat Easter eggs and hot cross buns at Easter?

We eat Easter eggs for several reasons including the egg being a symbol of new life and birth.

Since Christ rose from death, he symbolised a new life for all humanity as he forgave everyone’s sins.

They are made from chocolate a treat after Christians spend 40 days not eating any sweets as part of Lent.

Normally, families plan an Easter Egg hunt after their Sunday lunch.

Having it before will tempt many to give in to the treats, and it does not set the appetite for a Sunday feast to celebrate Jesus rising from death.

On the other hand, hot cross buns hold a meaning related to Good Friday.

This is because the cross represents the crucifixion of Jesus while the spices represent the spices put on his body.

It is believed that hot cross buns have been around for almost 700 years, and became an Easter tradition in St Albans Cathedral.

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