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LIGHTHOUSE is a life coaching company set up by Paul Waugh, which was supposed to help people achieve personal targets and improve as a person.

What has since transpired is shocking revelations into how the organisation was run and the toll it had on the people who used it. Here’s what we know.

Paul Waugh founded Lighthouse, a group that was supposed to provide life coaching and mentoring


Paul Waugh founded Lighthouse, a group that was supposed to provide life coaching and mentoring

Who are Lighthouse?

Lighthouse are a life coaching and mentoring organization, set up by businessman Paul Waugh.

The company is subject of a BBC documentary named A Very British Cult, which details the lives of those affected.

Numerous former users of the service have come forward to talk about the money they invested into the company and why they left.

Is the life coaching company still running?

Lighthouse are no longer running as of April 4, 2023.

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This was a result of a nine month long insolvency investigation, with a high court judger closing the organization for not declaring assets.

Waugh said that he was thinking of closing the group down for a while but was not intending to stop the group permanently, suggesting he wanted to expand the business across the world.

It is estimated that the company made £2.4million out of vulnerable clients.

What is life coaching?

Life coaching is where wellness professionals help others to take steps towards happiness by making changes in their life.

These changes can include changes in lifestyle, diet and attitude.

Coaches often devise a plan for their client in order for them to achieve their goals.

This can be used to build confidence, perform better at tasks or to help your career.

What did the BBC investigation into Lighthouse find?

A 18 month long investigation by the BBC uncovered shocking revelations made by people who used the service.

This included Jeffrey Leigh-Jones, who joined the group in 2019 with the view of learning about self-discipline.

He did this as he was planning a one man trek of the South Pole.

However, his involvement in the group cost him thousands of pounds, with Jeffrey selling his house to invest in the organization.

He spent £131,000 in total, including £25,000 in order to become a closer member of the company.

Jeffrey left the group after his perceptions changed. He demanded a refund but wasn’t given one.

It was also found that the group threatened to investigate him and his girlfriend Dawn.

What have Lighthouse said about the allegations?

Lighthouse have claimed that the documentary and findings by the BBC are a myth.

They have also gone as far as releasing a video on YouTube which describes the BBC as a “Cult”.

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They have described the BBC as libellous and defamatory.

The group also brought up a number of previous incidents and scandals the BBC were involved with in a post published on their website.

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