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They have been a staple of the Albert Square drama for over 20 years but just how many of the EastEnders Moon family do you remember?

With not that many remaining on the BBC soap opera, let’s remind ourselves of all of those who have come and gone over the years and whatever happened to their characters.

The Moon family are legends of Albert Sqaure


The Moon family are legends of Albert SqaureCredit: BBC
Alfie Moon is the face of the family


Alfie Moon is the face of the familyCredit: BBC

Alfie Moon

Arguably the most famous Moon of them all is Alfie, played by Shane Richie.

Shane first appeared on the programme in 2002 as one of the first ever members of the Moon family to be seen on-screen.

Alfie has had a whole host of ups and downs on Albert Square but he is most recognised for his turbulent relationship and marriage to Kat (Jessie Wallace).

A family man at heart, Alfie is the core of the Moon’s and would do anything to keep his family safe and would go to whatever lengths necessary to do so.

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Although most famous for his two failed marriages to Kat, Alfie has had another two wives, including one familiar face.

Alfie’s first marriage was to Liza Moon between 1998 and 2003.

In order to marry Kat in 2003, Alfie had to get a divorce from estranged wife Liza which proved more difficult than first expected.

With his wedding to Kat on the line, Alfie was almost forced to cancel the nuptials until his solicitor handed him his divorce papers that very day.

Not only those two women, Kat enjoyed an unlikely marriage with a siren on the square – Roxy Mitchell.

Although brief, it was clear that Alfie’s heart would always remain with Kat as he secretly reunited with her after saying I do to bombshell Roxy.

Alfie is a father to sons Bert, Ernie and Tommy Moon as well as his daughter Cherry Slater, a baby born to Hayley Slater (Katie Jarvis), a relative of Kat’s and a much-younger partner than Alfie.

He is still appearing in the show to this day after arriving back in September 2022 in a bid to stop Kat marrying Phil Mitchell.

Alfie is most famous for his marriage to Kat


Alfie is most famous for his marriage to KatCredit: BBC

Kat Moon (Slater)

Perhaps one of the most iconic EastEnders characters, Kat Slater is portrayed by Jessie Wallace.

Although synonymous with the female Slater clan, thanks to her marriage to Alfie as mentioned above, many would classify her as a member of the Moon family.

Kat was raped by her uncle Harry at the age of 13 which led her to give birth to her daughter Zoe.

She then acted like a sister to her child as her father Charlie adopted the baby as his own, unaware his brother Harry had groomed and abused his daughter.

Throughout her two decades in the Albert Square, Kat has been involved in many dramatic storylines and continues to be at the forefront of some explosive events.

She has been romantically linked to many residents including her brother-in-law Garry Hobbs, Steve Owen, Derek Branning, Max Branning and Kush Kazemi.

Kat was engaged to the late Andy Hunter but eventually tied the knot with Alfie Moon.

Since 2021, she has been in a relationship with Phil Mitchell.

Aside from her daughter Zoe, Kat is also the mother of four sons – Tommy, Bert and Ernie Moon as well as Dermott Dolan aka Luke Slater.

Tommy is only 13 but has had a wild ride on the show


Tommy is only 13 but has had a wild ride on the showCredit: BBC

Tommy Moon

Despite only being born in 2010, Tommy Moon, played by Sonny Kendall, has had a wild 13 years on the programme with no signs of the drama slowing down.

Tommy is the son of Kat Slater and Micheal Moon – Micheal is the second cousin once removed of Alfie with Alfie later going onto adopt Tommy as one of his own through his union with Kat and following Michael’s exit.

As a baby, Tommy was involved in one of the most scandalous and talked-about plots in EastEnders history when he was central to Ronnie Mitchell’s baby-swapping saga.

Ronnie’s son, James Branning, was born on the same day as Tommy but sadly died of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, leaving mother Ronnie heartbroken and beside herself.

After Hearing Tommy crying, Ronnie decided to swap the babies in a desperate bid.

Upon Alfie finding a deceased James, Ronnie realises it is too late to switch the baby back but Kat’s suspicions are heightened when she tells the Hospital workers that the baby looks nothing like hers.

Alfie informs her it is because he has died but Kat is unconvinced.

Eventually at James’ funeral, Ronnie begins to crumble and eventually Kat and Alfie find out the truth and are reunited with baby Tommy.

Tommy is still living on the Square to this day in the Slater household.

Bert and Ernie (far right) are Kat and Alfie's twins


Bert and Ernie (far right) are Kat and Alfie’s twinsCredit: BBC

Bert and Ernie Moon

Bert and Ernie are the twin sons of Alfie and Kat and were born in 2014.

They are played by Elliot and Cody Briffett.

Their lives were in danger from a young age when at just one month old, their father Alfie burned down their family home as part of an insurance scam.

Kat was injured in the blaze and is forced to spend a month away from her boys whilst she got better.

The twins have yet to take centre stage in any major plots but with the drama between the Moon and Slater clans hotting up, as the boys get older it is only a matter of time until they find themselves involved in all manner of Walford dodgy dealings.

Spencer is Alfie's brother and one of the Moon originals


Spencer is Alfie’s brother and one of the Moon originalsCredit: BBC

Spencer Moon

Spencer is the brother of Alfie and was played by Christopher Parker.

He appeared on the serial between 2002 and 2005.

The happy-go-lucky lad moved into the Queen Vic when Alfie took over the management and day-to-day running of the pub along with their grandmother Nana Moon.

Nana Moon helped to bring up the boys after their parents were both killed when he was young.

Attempting to settle into Walford life after a bumpy first few months, Spencer works as a barman in the Vic but encounters an issue when a one-night stand with Vicki Fowler results in her preganancy.

Scared of the thought of being a father and not being in a relationship with Vicki, Spencer panics at the thought of what is to come.

Vicki later has an abortion behind his back which leaves Spencer horrified as he thought they should have at least had the conversation together.

Spencer eventually leaves the square following a series of run-ins with his extended family and Alfie sends him packing to living with cousin Maxwell in Australia.

Off-screen, it is later confirmed that he and Vicky had reunited and were living Down Under together and by 2014 were looking to run a bar together in Sydney.

Nana Moon's storyline won Best Single Episode


Nana Moon’s storyline won Best Single EpisodeCredit: BBC

Nana Moon

Nana Moon, real name Victoria, was portrayed by actress Hilda Braid before she was killed off in 2005, around the same time as most of her family’s departure from the soap.

She appeared in a total of 210 episodes across her time in the show.

Nana Moon’s most memorable storyline contained a special episode which saw her head to Normandy to visit her late husband, William’s grave following his death during the war.

The episode won the Best Single Episode award at the 2006 British Soap Awards following a tear-jerking scene that featured a two-mineute silence as she stood at the grave.

Nana’s backstory was also laid bare in the special episode and featured a memorable guest appearance from actor Trevor Peacock who played Sid, a war veteran.

She died shortly after of an aortic aneurysm.

Jake (left) and brother Danny (right) caused mayhem on the show


Jake (left) and brother Danny (right) caused mayhem on the showCredit: BBC

Jake Moon

Jake Moon was played by Joel Beckett and appeared on the show for just under two years between December 2004 and October 2006.

He arrived alongside his younger brother Danny and was described as the more sensitive of the two with an eye for the ladies.

Despite the pair initially being axed just months into their stint, the character of Jake was brought back quickly but only stuck around for a further year.

Jake found himself living a life of crime during his time in Walford and worked for his boss, Johnny Allen.

Viewers of the show will remeber the infamous ‘Get Johnny Week’ which saw Jake accidentally kill brother Danny, after learning Danny himself was a murderer after he killed off local gangster Dennis Rickman.

Never far away from illegal activity, he found himself embroiled in many illicit situations during his short tenure including with characters such as Phil Mitchell (Steve McFadden) and Ruby Allen (Louisa Lytton).

His fate is currently unknown after his final scene saw him being confronted by mobsters and it has since been presumed that he is dead following a clash.

Danny lived a life of crime


Danny lived a life of crimeCredit: BBC

Danny Moon

Danny appeared in the show alongside his brother Jake, as mentioned above.

He was portrayed by actor Jake Maskall and was killed by his brother.

His storylines also revolved around his criminal activities and was regularly up to no-good.

He was also led by Johnny Allen as one of his henchmen.

Michael had a rough time on the soap


Michael had a rough time on the soapCredit: BBC

Michael Moon

Steve John Shepherd played Michael, the second cousin once removed of family centrepoint, Alfie.

He is also the biological father of Kat’s son Tommy.

Michael was a psychopath and a manipulative risk-taker with an eye for danger.

He famously married the evil Janine Butcher (Charlie Brooks) in 2012 and had daughter Scarlett with her who was delivered via an emergency cesarean section after Janine suffered a placental abruption.

The pair’s marriage is inevitably rocky with both of them doubting their parental abilities with baby Scarlett.

A love triangle soon ensured between the pair and Scarlett’s nanny Alice Branning that ended with dire consequences for Michael.

A showdown with a knife soon ensures as Alice stabs Michael in the back before she runs to answer the door to the Police.

This led to both Michael and Janine lunging for the knife with Janine getting there first and successfully killing him.

Anthony was played by Matt Lapinskas


Anthony was played by Matt LapinskasCredit: BBC

Anthony Moon

Anthony is the half-brother of Micheal and full brother of Tyler and was played by actor Matt Lapinskas.

He appeared on the show for 13 months between July 2011 and August 2012 and his storylines mainly focused on his various different connections and dalliances on the Square.

A charmer and eye-candy for the younger ladies of Albert Sqaure, he enjoyed romances with Poppy Meadow, Jodie Gold, Amira Masood and Alice Branning.

Tyler (far right) arrived with his father and brother


Tyler (far right) arrived with his father and brotherCredit: BBC

Tyler Moon

Anthony’s brother Tyler was also a regular on the show enjoying a stint between June 2011 and August 2013, played by Tony Discipline.

Simialrly to his brother, he knew how to charm the ladies and got hot and heavy with some of the soap’s biggest female characters.

Marketed as a ‘ladykiller’, the hearthrob enjoyed a passionate smooch with Roxy Mitchell (Rita Simons) upon his arrival.

A brief relationship with Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) soon followed including being part of a triangle with loveable Fatboy, played by Ricky Norwood.

Not one to be shy of playing the field, the hunk broke out of the triangle in order to enjoy a sensual one-night stand with Lauren Branning, played by Jacqueline Jossa.

Eddie had a romance with Carol Jackson


Eddie had a romance with Carol JacksonCredit: BBC

Eddie Moon

Eddie Moon was played by David Essex and was the father to Anthony, Tyler and Michael.

He appeared on the programme for six months and so you would be forgiven for forgetting this member of the Moon clan.

He was a love interest for Lindsey Coulson’s character Carol Jackson and also featured in a romance with Vanessa Gold, played by Zoe Lucker.

The character eventually absconded to Spain and appeared to cut ties with all of his family following a series of errors and misjudgements.

Scarlett is a part of the Moon's through her father


Scarlett is a part of the Moon’s through her fatherCredit: BBC

Scarlett Butcher

Scarlett Butcher is the daughter of Micheal Moon and Janine Butcher.

The character, played by Tabitha Byron, was only seen on-screen as a baby until she returned in 2021 alongside her mother.

She had little to do with the remaining Moon members on the Square and was instead shown to still have a turbulent relationship with her mother.

Scarlett stayed at The Vic where Janine had married landlord Mick Carter.

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The character was written out of the soap once again when Janine actress Charlie Brooks quit the show for the fourth time and she made her final appearance on the 27th January 2023.

Other Family Members

  • William Moon – Alfie’s grandfather
  • Alfred Moon – Alfie’s father
  • Cherry Moon – Alfie’s mother
  • Cherry Slater – Daughter of Alfie and Hayley Slater
  • Bobby Moon – Father to Jake and Danny
  • Alison Moon – Mother to Jake and Danny
  • Joseph Moon – Father to Maxwell
  • Maxwell Moon – Son of Jospeh and Melissa

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